Saturday, 3 September 2011

Goodness gracious me! (and a freebie)

Well, between Plurk and the blawg, LOTS of name ideas for which HUGE thanks to all (and apart from Wikiwoo, whose SL name I need), houses have been dropped into inventories in return.

I may not do this for everybody if I get 150 suggestions for future names... but I am so pleased people responded.

Here is, then the WOODLAND RETREAT, which is a combination of 2 suggestions (but you can also use it on a beach, of course). 

Price? 50L and in fact 51 prims not 50 as I said yesterday (my bad).

I've also put a couple of Vent du Sud bushes out for sale at 1L beside it and one... for free. Except I forgot to take photos of them (my bad again).

Look for the "Graceful bushes" (with a sim called Graces, this name suggested itself)

And one last shot, of the "privacy" mode, before I take myself off to dig in my inventory for something brick red for the 52 weeks of colour challenge. Or do the ironing.

Interesting choice there...

Thanks again people. Any offers to do my ironing, btw?

No? Thought not. So go do your own, or - much more fun -  drop into Vent du Sud and pick up some great 1L decor (all of it, remember?).

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