Sunday, 18 September 2011

QUICK - the best yard sale ever

Seriously, do not miss this.

This being a Vent du Sud yard sale.But not at Vent du Sud, don't click too soon.

Except ...

... the vast majority of the items aren't from Vent du Sud, but hey, what does that matter?
(oh boy that standard lamp with the slight texturing issues...but hey, if it floats your boat)

Some of them are only marked up to about 25 or 50 times their current value (i.e. 1L for the last 10 months), not to mention being WAY more than what they were originally sold for, but what does that matter?

But run! Quick! The things are transferable so grab them before anyone else!

Here's the address:

Or, should you prefer, pop over to Vent du Sud and get the same things, or newer stuff, for just 1L or free (see below)...

For example: French stove, mod / copy, flames on and off, back solid or open. Just 1L like all Vent du Sud decor

And sadly, this is not at the yard sale.

And see the little twinkly light and the message in the bottle in that first picture? Free at Vent du Sud today, and mod/copy too. Do help yourself. 

Happy shopping, everyone! I'm off to find some brick red clothes.

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