Wednesday, 14 September 2011

People in glass houses. Surprisingly non-ranty post. Freebie.

Greenhouse, 3 prims, 1L, plus lots of accessories at 1L

I had fun making this (sure I bought the sculpt but I had fun texturing it and doing the doodads that go with it! And hey, 3 prims! Bench 1 prim! Potting benches and stool 1 prim! I think the WHOLE LOT = 17.

(See, I want a RL greenhouse. Mr RL rolls his eyes and reminds me of my working hours and the amount of stuff to do already in the garden).

Rather boringly, by the way, it is called the Vent du Sud greenhouse (I did consider calling it "Tilting at greenhouses" but that could have been a little obscure, but thanks, Ossian). Here is a direct TP to it.

Click on the plants to change what's in them (1L each). And lo! A riddle!

And lo! A bench! With a nice conversation pose and singles poses (up to 3 people may dally here and discuss the difference between pumpkins and squash, lighthouses and windmills, etc. etc.)

Bench, 1L, couples and singles poses (seats up to 3)

And lo! A watering can and trowel and some basil (or rosemary or parsley should you wish to click).

Watering can, trowel, pot with herbs (different ones), 1L

And lo! Whole little corner of gardening happiness. 

Pardon me while I speak to Mr RL about some potting benches, would you?
The whole bench, 1L, 1 prim. With sits on the stool! (Plants etc. not included)

Oh, and lo! pssst... I made this little sign (YAY GRAPHICS SKILLZZZZ) that says (in French, how chic) "my very  own garden". Yours for free by the greenhouse until I remember to put it back to 1L.


Nissa Nightfire said...

oh this is super-cute, Ari! I have a non-green thumb in RL, but you make me want to garden~ :D


Thank youuuuuu! Funny, in the UK the phrase is 'green fingers'. And it's the pruning, y'know. Very... cathartic ;) Snip, snip.