Friday, 26 February 2010

Blogging... between the lines?

So, I should be doing the usual sort of 'wow come and buy this' sort of blog (and no doubt I'll get back to it).

However, I felt like taking a laugh at myself. And no, this is not a dig at other bloggers, far from it. It's just that I am not really a marketing person (much as I love blogging), and I'd really rather build (OK, or go shopping or dancing).

Also, I build lots of furniture and decor and lighthouses and stuff and basically don't have enough space to show it all (Tier. It's always about the tier. I'd give everything I make away if I didn't have the damned tier to pay).

(Ah yes, photo of lighthouse here, perhaps?) Off-sim version. Here. Only 299. That's the door. It does actually have stuff like the tower, the lamp and poseballs.

So here is a blog post about blog posts (mine, basically). Again, not a dig. And no, not jealous (well, a bit) because  many great creators deserve to get famous. I just wish I could find a way to bring in the hordes, or, y'know, just a small horde.

"Hi there from Vent du Sud (get the name in early, add the link. Good blogger have a cookie).

Today, we've all been working hard to offer you some great new stuff (meaning: we have tier day coming up so we actually finished something)

For example, the new whatnot is here (I finally got my ass into gear and hauled one out of the several dozen things with the 'ONGOING' prefix).

And by popular request (as in some person who quite liked it but not the colour but never came back even when I said 'OK, done it'), I've added a bright pink version of this (insert photo, delete by accident, manage to upload it, photo is fuzzy, go back inworld, SL glitches so abandon, post fuzzy picture, see lighthouse above).

And speaking of popular, my much-loved (well hey one person bought it... and if TWO people bought it we could try a 'hugely successful') doodad, here is a brand NEW doodad in the same series.

Special offer for today: THIS (dig out great photo. Beam with pride. Remind self that it just HAS to be the next, latest find and the blogs will be full of it and I'll soon have my own sim and.... then remind self to be realistic).

On a fashion note (dammit still don't have the new poster from our fashion people so must improvise) don't forget the free.... (pause to hop inworld, get name, make sure it's still there, try to find photo of it. It's not blurry but HUGE and takes forever to load and then I realise I've already blogged it).

So that's the round up for today from Vent du Sud: genuine creators with an eye for detail (but who have to pay tier, and detail doesn't equal Lindens so PLEASE COME AND BUY SOMETHING).'

After that.... if you DO feel like coming to buy something and are worried that I may soon be reduced to a vagrant sitting in an infohub somewhere going 'pssst, wanna lighthouse for only 10'... it's really not that bad.

Well... not quite. 

And we do have some great decor and fashion, at reasonable prices.

OK let's try this again: on a fashion note, don't forget to come and  find our amazing fashion freebies (because maybe one day, the miracle will happen and a freebie hunter will actually come back. Must be optimistic).

Last... as a reward for reading this post (you did, didn't you?)... all the lamps and candles at Vent du Sud are on sale for 20L today.

Although I'd much rather you bought a lighthouse for 499L... not that this is a hint but the big smart retractable ladder one-you-can-live-in is here.


Chic Aeon said...

So much fun. Loved it!

Anonymous said...

That was hysterical!


Casandra Shilova said...

Very funny Ariadne!

I can particularly identify with "(pause to hop inworld, get name, make sure it's still there,"