Thursday, 18 February 2010


Wow... for the first time in weeks, I can see green fields outside. Apart from a few battered palm trees, southern France finally looks a bit less like Siberia.

So to celebrate, here's a little greenery from Vent du Sud. Clearly visible from the tp point just inside the store.

Great for a breath of air on your walls or porch, no? It's TRANSFER, and 50L instead of 129. For around 24 hours only. Great sculpts that don't disintegrate as soon as you walk away, and lots of luscious plants.

Smaller versions available too if 13 prims makes you faint - come look!

And here's a breath of spring from Rett, too - find it in her store. Lovely, swooshy feathers and a great one for mixing and matching.

PS: my next post will be the 100th. Sure, I'll be doing some sort of offer. Any ideas what you'd like to see?
Send me some thoughts (IM Ariadne Korda or on the blog, and rewards from Vent du Sud will be forthcoming. And for the best of them (no, not everything free on the whole sim - think of Rett's blood pressure, willya), there will be an extra surprise.

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