Saturday, 13 February 2010

Something different for Valentine's day?

Wooo Saturday!

And double woo, SL is (usually) letting me take photos again without the UI going transparent on me. The good thing - maybe - is that according to the Jira it's not only me.

But enough rambling, because the 14th is nearly on us.

Did you buy something for your partner? And even if you did, how about a little extra: something that you can look at all year round and remember why and when you bought it?

One of these flowerboxes could be just the thing: and of course they're transfer to make gift-giving even easier. And the perfect size to be a striking piece over a fireplace (we have those too!) or to brighten up a wall.

A flowerbox means that extra touch of luxury to your decor: they're classy, unusual, in styles to suit many tastes, and exclusive to Vent du Sud.

Lots of different ones too, and they change regularly: drop in and take a look (and sign up for the subscribo - regular gifts and offers).
(Pssst... this small silver version is going in there TODAY)

Champagne, discreet hearts, fresh flowers, sumptuous textures, intricate details. Wouldn't someone you know enjoy receiving one as a small but lasting token of how much you care?

Today, both Valentine models (1o and 9 prims) are at just 60L. A small price for something that will last long after the 14th.

Still some pretty Valentine's dollarbies out too, and with that special Vent du Sud touch.

And what if you wanted something other than pink for that special Valentine's date?

Rett was feeling generous last night when I started wheedling about offers: she's put this really delicious white lace-up number out for only 200L instead of 300L.

Perfect for a hot night out, dressed up with some jewelry but equally perfect for a romantic evening at home. Sometimes, simplicity works. And sexy... oh yes. Tell me a guy who doesn't appreciate a split skirt, or even satin and lace.

Get it quick: it's out front at Rett's store, right on the square. Oh and guys? It's also transfer. Take the hint!

Off to take more photos before my luck changes!

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