Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Hauling prims

February is often such a dreary month but fortunately there are things that make it a lot better.

First up, this month we're focusing on carnivals, Mardi Gras, whatever you want to call it. And as we're lucky enough to have Alain Papp - THE specialist for carnival costumes, you can check out his jaw-dropping masterpieces, or even just treat yourself to a superb mask or a fan for that special event. Check out his luscious, extravagant creations on the square.

Then there's Menthal who is offering what can only be called the ultimate in atmosphere...

Smoke or mist? Click the box and choose a colour. Bubbles? Yep, those too. Try them out on the square and buy one for your next party.

They give out... er... a LOT of mist or bubbles, and click on and off (useful, that). He's right next door to Alain now!

We've called this series... OH! (His name is Menthal Oh, and eau (prounounced oh) means 'water' in French. Not sure you needed to know that, but hey... direct tp to OH!)

I just love the helix bubble lamps... and they're a steal at 100L - great gift, too.

Great for parties, no? Or any modern build.

Me? I've moved the flowerboxes beside my Vent du Sud mainstore, and put in new ones (with a couple of dollarbies and more surprises to come. Think 'VALENTINE GIFTS' with a touch of class - go check it out!

And just to make sure there are always lots of surprises here, Ferri Lane has put out a superb pair of classic white stilettos for FREE (and yes I know the photo is red).
Grab them at Ashton and Lane, as well as their welcome gift (see Sunday's blog)

So as always, lots of newness, lots of superb, unique things... and lots of fun. All at Vent du Sud!

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