Sunday, 14 February 2010

To the lighthouse(s)!

I made my first lighthouse in early 2008... and as I think (hope) I've improved some since then, back to the drawing board!

The idea: lighthouses you can live in, or use for a special feature on your land.

Enough space for some furniture but above all somewhere DIFFERENT.

The result: 2 models. A whole lot of tweaking, some ups and downs until I got them exactly how I wanted them.

The luxury one, above and below, is just 26 prims. LOTS of detail, though, including retractable ladders to the upper floors (one plus mezzanine). Roomy deck to dance on. Decks to relax on or to watch the waves. And really superb textures.

Yes, it will fit on a 512. It's also all linked, apart from popping the (separate) lamp up top, meaning no rezz boxes.

Other details:
Normal price 499L...
but as an introductory offer
JUST 350L for 48 hours only (meaning Tuesday sometime before I go to bed).

Here's the trap door up to the first floor...

which retracts to give you lots of space.

And some of the deck detailing.

The smaller, more rustic version is just 23 prims total. Also fine to live in, cute on a 512, or as a great extra to a bigger plot land (great place for romantic moments, no?)

This one is also MOD / COPY, 23 prims total. Normally 399L but again special offer for just two days at 300L only.

I admit I'm pleased with these (says she with total lack of modesty).

or direct teleports:

(and in a fit of logic, I made a tp from one to the other, but you can also just fly across the sim or linger a little in Vent du Sud's great places for classy fashion and unique decor)

Also (and OK so I'm really pleased with these and want people to at least go look)...

The first ten people to buy one will get a curved seating arrangement with multiple colour and anims for free - perfect for a snuggle inside (see a few blogs back when they were on offer).

Don't miss out! I'll contact you in person for the gift, promise.
(Would make a great Valentine's gift too, btw.... let me know if you want a transfer version?)

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