Friday, 12 February 2010

Community spirit and then some: Geek Back

"Heeeelppppp my water's flowing upwards", or "a friend wants landing lights for an airstrip", or "how do I do retractable circular curtains without them ending up in the sky?"

Geek's answer is usually 'tp me'.

So, script-challenged, Photoshop-challenged and logic-challenged me does just that. And soon after, something lands in my inventory. When I screw that up, he teases me... and then fixes it. He also gives extremely... er... honest feedback, which is not only valuable but pushes me to do things better.

I'm grateful for all the gang at Vent du Sud, believe me: help is always at hand, whether it's how to fix a script or a shoulder offered when nothing's going right. But I want to single out Geek Back for the 'community spirit' blogger challenge because I am constantly in awe of what he knows about... well... everything. Scripts in particular but so many other things too, including being (cliché or not) being a real friend and so (ridiculously) modest about his talents.

When he's NOT helping half of SL to fix things or script things (and often refusing to charge enough or at all) he makes stuff to pay his tier: anything from his truly amazing networked French boules game, store catalogue systems, HUDs, or some extremely clever sculpts. Find some of them by the pool at Vent du Sud but he also has a cute little store here. And wow, his drapes (see below). They're amazingly popular and deserve to be.

If you need a special, custom script, ask him: I swear this guy could conjure up anything. Or buy some of his stuff, because it works (and he'll come and help you fix it if you, er, inadvertently do something as hair-brained with it as I usually do).

For instance, I've seen a few drapes in my time on SL, but I've never seen any that swoosh so nicely or look so stunning as his. And they're so easily resizable (oh, and he does custom ones too). Check them out at his store or here at Vent du Sud. Great prices too, and he changes the huge choice of designs regularly.

So, for patiently explaining axes (for the tenth time), for making my stuff work, and for so many other things, a huge thanks to Geek (and I also need to send a virtual hug to his lovely Agade for propping me up, being patient when Geek rushes off to fix my latest disaster, for giving great fashion advice, for running around helping people too, and not least for making me laugh).


Casandra Shilova said...

Hi Ariadne, what a nice tribute to your wonderful friend.

I'm hopeless; I can't even figure out how to counteract bling jewelry that doesn't come with a help note card! *rolls eyes*


Ah, you need a 'scrubber' script. Yell inworld if you don't have one and I'll send one over.

And I meant it: some people are just quite extraordinary :)