Friday, 5 February 2010

Get one of these free, but which?

I promised my subscribo group a gift this week, so... I kept it. Thing is, I made two versions and liked both of them, so ONE is inside and the other isn't (a transfer version).
So hop over to Fleurs du Sud (part of the Vent du Sud mainstore) and get one of them free! The subscribo is just out front. But do it quick as I'll be taking it out again this weekend.
The idea is a useful flower trough that looks just as good on a wall as it does over a balcony or on a front step. Superb, clear textures with lots of detailing as always.

Just ask if you want other plants inside and I'll happily do you a custom version or different sizes (store owners or people with rentals, please note!)

Copiable versions of both on sale at Vent du Sud for 129L (7 prims).

In fashion news, Alain Papp's carnival costumes, masks, fans and parasols are attracting a lot of attention. If you've ever dreamed of a sumptuous, unique treasure (for both men and women), now's the place and time!

Photos can't do them justice... but come and at least take a look. Alain is more than happy to model them for you or to make a really special, one-off version just for you.

Right now, there's a whole lot to see (and do) at Vent du Sud, so drop in for a quick visit!

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