Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Tuesday treats and a small dose of political incorrectness

Y'know if February is a dreary month, Tuesday is a dreary day.

So to cheer it up a little, here's some really pretty, detailed specials from Fleurs du Sud: the rose in the glass vase is still at 1L (boy, it's popular), and the two heart boxes (pink or sober silver) at just 5L... not bad, as the lid opens on click and a second click on the heart inside gives you a (discreet) shower of pretty glass hearts. A fun little gift, because it's transferable.

I'd say buy a dozen and hand 'em out to your harem but that would be sexist, yes? (Yes). But hey. who wouldn't like a little token of appreciation, even if they're just a great friend?

Moving on (good idea, Ari), I've also put out one of our new, also transferable, oil lamps at half price - 49L: click the control and the flame lights or goes out, and click the chimney for a lovely soft glow. Just 3 prims!

And finally, for that zen feeling so hard to achieve on Tuesdays, the incredibly pretty tabletop pool with candles (you can blow them out too) is also at half price (just 29L).

All great gifts (or one for yourself) to brighten up a Tuesday. But don't wait too long: they'll be there for just a few days.

Get them at the newly refurbished FLEURS DU SUD right by the Vent du Sud mainstore.

Not forgetting fashion, did you know that Rett's very sexy Valentine's lingerie is also transferable? Get to it, guys. Click right here!

(And a PS: click on the Vent du Sud subscribo outside the main store today, as there's a gift in store for everyone later this week!)

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