Sunday, 21 February 2010

ONE HUNDRED POSTS (with offers to match)

No, really no more lighthouses after this (but LOOK - offsim version!).  In fact, I'm about to tackle a tower for a friend ("well, something vaguely fantasy-ish with spiral staircases and arches and balustrades and lighting and greenery and places to chat. In, say 40 prims").


Sorry, this post could be whimsical. One is allowed a little whimsy after 100 posts, no?  But I digress. I often do.

Making an off-sim lighthouse was fun. Even more fun when I tried it out on a friend who is pretty handy with some aspects of SL but somewhat bewildered about things like building and sim limits and prim counts. "You have to click on the poseballs to use it because it's not actually on the sim" blew his mind to the point that he got the wrong poseball.

Or maybe he just needed soothing after I'd rambled on about how the beam rotates and linking the 20 prims even with the invisible base and the two pose sets. I did take him up top to try the other pose set but no photos of that. It's a kiss, OK? You know what a kiss is.

But anyway, back to the 100 thing.  You know where we're heading with this, right?

Right. Get the offsim lighthouse here (copy / mod), 20 prims, fully linked for 100L (normal price 299L), until my next blog post (minimum 24 hours).  Lots and lots of careful detailing and a stunning addition to your land.

Full instructions included. REALLY easy to set up and you can add lots more poseballs, furniture, etc. inside and outside (as in even he of the pose balls could do it. Really. Well... maybe).

But what if you don't want a lighthouse?  (Although if you have sea, then you really do need one, yes?)

Well, you might want a patio set. (Of course you want a patio set. Or maybe you want one AS WELL?)

Also 100L instead of 250L, and in 7 colours on touch, lots of really great poses including a couples' one in the couch.
Spring colours and neutral ones including dark brown. Chairs (2), couch, table, parasol, candle. Find it by the Vent du Sud pool. 
Prims? The WHOLE THING is only 17 (chairs 2 prims, couch 5, table 2, candle 3, parasol 3). Incredible deal, as separately you'd be paying over 400L.

Or (if you really, honestly don't need a patio set...or as well, of course), there's this.

Well, (waves to people with new Linden homes, for example), how about a big, comfy couch with a lot of poses in EACH seat, 3 colours of leather, 3 types of wood.  Romantic, cosy couples' pose too.

Think 'versatile'. Good word, versatile (makes mental note to use it more often).

And all the scatter cushions have lots of colour options on click, too, meaning a LOT of combinations, and just 15 prims for an item you really need (heh). Look, white and pale wood and there's blue leather, and darker wood too.... 

Really, you need this, don't you? Get it HERE.
Usually 199L, same deal , of course- 100L. Find it here (and pick up the matching armchair, coffee table, etc. while you're at it, eh?). 

Quick note on fashion, of course: and this time a hint about spring weddings. Both Rett and Alain of AC Creations (he of the jaw-dropping carnival costumes) have gorgeous, unique bridal gowns in their stores. Check them out!

Otherwise, that's all from me and Vent du Sud and the really special ONE HUNDRED offers. Have a great Sunday!

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