Sunday, 7 February 2010

A little (affordable) luxury this Sunday?

Luxury: it's a bit easier to achieve on SL than in RL, but even then... not always that easy or I'd have a whole sim and not have to sit on my hands when I see fatpacks...

But over three years in SL, I've got picky (this being a euphemism for snob). So I'm all the more happy that the gang at Vent du Sud would rather turn out a few things, lovingly created, than focus on rushing things out for a quick buck. Mind, I wish we could afford not to sell things at all but just give them away... a girl can dream, eh?

So - here's a couple of 'luxuries' for the weekend. No, not freebies, although we'll always do those... (and still lots of Valentine's dollarbies and 5L specials at Vent du Sud... grab those too! )

First, how about a Valentine's gift that will stay beautiful all year round, and remind you of great, romantic moments?

I've made two flowerboxes: not too primmy (10) in two very different styles: glass or wood, and normally I'd put them on sale at around 150L. But this SUNDAY they're at 60L only: they're transfer, so perfect for a gift, or simply to put on your own wall. Here.
(Apologies for the dodgy photos but EVERY time I take one lately, all my dialogue boxes go transparent and it's driving me NUTS).

Next, fountains. When Menthal Oh makes fountains... he makes fountains. Ranging from simple and sober to more quirky and downright fun. Water that trickles, flows: intricate doesn't describe it. Here are a couple.

Yes, they're a bit primmy... but unique. And none of them are over 200L. Gorgeous for your apartment, or a fantastic decoration for your store.

And no, I'm not forgetting fashion. How could I because there, luxury is just as important.

Can't you just imagine the swish of this skirt? A super outfit (mix and match it too). Beautifully finished, and made by French designers who know what looking really chic and classy is about.

The whole outfit is just gorgeous, and it's on sale at Ashton and Lane: "Moulin Rouge". It's... gorgeous. Adjectives fail me, obviously.
Don't forget they also have TWO amazing freebies: white stilettos and 3 beautifully made basic tops. Direct tp HERE.

So, that's the 'luxury line-up' for this weekend.

Sundays are great for SL shopping, so how about offering yourself a little LUXURY...
... at Vent du Sud, of course!

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