Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Mardi gras, and are you sitting comfortably?

Mardi Gras is coming fast, so here's another taste of Alain Papp's amazing creations for any carnival: for both men and women. Really, one of these is more than just an outfit, it's an experience. So much is included, and it's all just stunning. Check out his store at Vent du Sud even if it's to pick up a beautiful parasol, mask or fan.

As for me, I'm busy throwing big prims around - more news later. But until I can get around to boxing things up and taking photos, here's an offer.

This seating corner has not only half a dozen colours in each cushion, it has several great casual, animated poses in each too. The back support has 4 colours. Oh, and there's a great couples' pose for those relaxing moments together.

And no, I don't know why I called it a corner as it's round... but the unusual curved shape is really handy for so many places, either inside or outside: a great change from a couch and a fun place to chill with friends.

It's been one of my popular items for a while, so here's a chance to get it for just 100L instead of 199L - only for a couple of days.

The combinations of colours (neutrals, golds, blues, tans) means there are literally HUNDREDS of looks. Simply, sober, yet so versatile!

Check out the rustic couch too right beside it too ... another carefully-crafted piece that changes colours. Go and click... you'll see.

Back to work, because there are lots more surprises in store at Vent du Sud
(oh, and click on the cannon in the square... just a hint... but a brilliant idea for any role-play place or for photos).

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