Friday, 29 January 2010

Fireplaces for Fifty and other specials, all weekend!

Vent du Sud... *cough, splutter*

There's nothing like logging in to be greeted by waves of mist (blue, very blue), a cloud of bubbles and a cannon shooting hearts... but it's a taste of things to discover soon at Vent du Sud, (where our building addiction is far bigger than our prims available).

If you need some very nifty particle effects for a club, by the way, jets or water doing fancy things, or even a wave of (not necessarily blue) mist for your castle or whatever, contact our very own Menthal Oh. He'll be happy to do something custom-made, very special, and at a price that will make you smile.

Today's post, though, is in fact to announce that our 'fire special' theme is drawing to a close... some of them will be retired to make room for new things.

Until Sunday at midnight, however, they are all on sale: 50L or 30L (mod/copy).

One in the Midnight Mania board too, with a small target (the photo below would be a hint).

While you're grabbing a superb fireplace from a good dozen to choose from, Rett has reduced her 'flames' dress even more just this weekend: down from 300L to 200L. Yes, I had to twist her arm... but she's delighted to see so many shoppers discovering her store here!
On display at the entrance to her store, on the square.

And last but not least, there's a gift bag out at Ashton and Lane: not one but three really pretty, classic, basic tops in great colours. Photos of them tomorrow!

Don't miss out on all this (although you may need an oxygen mask or an umbrella on the square depending on what Menthal's playing with): never a dull moment at Vent du Sud!

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