Sunday, 24 January 2010

SUNDAY SPECIAL: Gazebo with retractable curtain

A gazebo is somewhere to dream, no? And isn't it time to buy one, or replace your old one? It's a great place to show off that great outfit too, if you're a photographer: feel free to use the one at Vent du Sud, of course!

The special thing about this one, though... is that it offers privacy for those romantic moments when you just want to be together. Incredibly detailed with wrought iron roof and carved stonework. Sobre, simple, but extremely classy too.
Click on the soft, gold-trimmed curtain (drapes, if you're across the Pond) and they drop down. Click on the (included) lamp and you have a soft glow. Perfect for a moonlight dance, or just a quiet chat.

Price: 100L (usual price 160) - SUNDAY SPECIAL until around midnight SL.

Prims: 16 (12 without the lamp)

Where: Vent du Sud (of course) : Direct tp here or the main square here.
Perms: mod / copy
Drop in and take a look!
PS: and if you're looking for a great dress to pose there, check out ASHTON and LANE right nearby. And my humble excuses to the ladies as I mixed up their first and second names in the last couple of posts...

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