Tuesday, 19 January 2010


February's coming fast: time for carnivals and of course Valentine's day. And we can't miss either at Vent du Sud!

So here's a taste of things to come (OK, they're already there - just pop over and take a look - I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the place). Our prices are always reasonable and we are all original creators (not to mention friends, which counts for a lot).

First up, see the costume above? Alain of AC Créations makes them, with stunning attention to detail (and that includes the masks sold separately). Believe me, these are unique. I could lose myself in adjectives when he pops in dressed in one to put something new in his store. Worth a look to start planning your own festivities. Find his place on the square, and let your jaw drop!

And Rett? Well, the picture says it all, no? Jaw-dropping in rather a different way. Find this cute outfit at her lovely airy store at Vent du Sud. There's an optional short, sheer skirt, too.

Rett (she who doesn't do sales) also told me that anyone who buys two outfits at Vent du Sud can contact her for a third one of your choice free for the next couple of weeks. So get to it quick!

Last word? Well... the 'fire' special is still going on (check out previous posts). Still great bargains and original, beautiful things but only for the next couple of weeks: we're already thinking ahead to the next theme we want to share!

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