Sunday, 31 January 2010

The fires are going out at Vent du Sud

No, we're not leaving: far from it. Just that we never have enough prims to keep everything around (or at least until I win the lottery and can buy a full sim!)

Tomorrow, we're going to be moving (most of) the fires and fire pillars to make way for some new things at Vent du Sud, so this really is the last chance to grab any one of over a dozen models, including fire baskets, pillars, and some great accessories.

All of them are mod/copy, and the prices are all reduced to 50L or 30L - more than a bargain for such detailed work. These flames look so real, so lively, and of course click on and off.
The accessories (logs, fire tools) are almost-freebies, so don't miss those either!

Imagine the hanging basket of fire or a plain but striking pillar outside or inside your home: they go with either themed or modern builds. Or a Victorian fireplace like the one below - so cosy!

Please drop in and have a look around: if we're on the sim (and we often are ), we have some great gifts to offer you there and then - whether you buy something or not.
Also, there's a tiny but beautifully crafted single rose in a heavy glass vase as a DOLLARBIE in Fleurs du Sud: transferable of course, so a pretty gift for someone (check out the gorgeous VALENTINE flowerboxes too, if you want to give a lasting, striking and CLASSY gift to that special person).

And last but not least, Pearl and Ferri (Ashton & Lane) have put out a gift to mark their opening at Vent du Sud: these three classical tops are in a bag: help yourself - direct tp here.
Their store is by the (recently thawed!) pool, and near our great dock where you can watch the gulls, or have a dance in the soft light of southern France.
Vent du Sud: it's where we call home, and we love to share it. Come on over!

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