Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Seeing double, and a new trio

First, huge thanks to the visitors to Vent du Sud who seem to be liking our fires (and I met my double yesterday, which was seriously weird... we've both made our own shapes but we were so alike, right down to hair colour, skins and clothes style, and roughly the same SL age).

So, today: another two items at 50%, one of which is this lovely traditional stone model by Menthal (only 50L!). Low-prim as always, great quality as always.

(And don't forget the free fire pillar in the subscribo just outside the Vent du Sud mainstore or Rett's 'flames' dress on offer!)

And now something different.

Can't get much simpler, but it's really all about the texturing. A simple, 3-prim low table in three types of beautifully shaded wood that takes it from basic to different and special.

A real classic, ideal for displaying anything from a coffee mug to a plant (or a great lamp from Vent du Sud, of course).

Two are copy/mod and a tiny 29L, and one (transfer only) is at just 1L - only today. Grab it quick at Vent du Sud!

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