Sunday, 17 January 2010

Rezzday specials at last!

Yes, it's rezzday plus three. I know, I know. But my SL decided to refuse to take photographs unless it turned all my dialogue boxes transparent. Frustration... so better late than never.


I've now marked down ALL my 'flowerboxes' from around 129L to between 5 and 25L, today only. Find them here.
The leather one above also comes in bluee, and it looks great on walls (and no alpha clashes!). Check out others with flowing water, candles... I confess to being proud of them!

Great statement pieces, and so much more fun than just a pot of flowers. It includes some pretty, three-prim pillars for just 5L.

Another fireplace at 50% too... and so much more news and things to discover on and around the square at Vent du Sud.
One of them I want to announce in advance is the fact that it's fast approaching carnival time. And Alain Papp is a real genius with costumes, masks, fans... so go check out his store, right by the square (AP Créations).

Another is Menthal's latest stroke of genius. Great gadgets, lots of fun. Not saying more, but go see in front of his store... and laugh. For 10L... believe me it's worth it.

Posting in haste but do go check out the great things and great prices - all at Vent du Sud, of course!

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