Monday, 11 January 2010

The latest fashion accessory?

Now, doesn't everybody in SL need a blowtorch?

Well, if you like clever gadgets or fancy a change of, er, weapon, here's one you can wear or add to your decor (14 prims, 50L), or. It turns on and off, of course... and is one of Menthal Oh's fun additions to our great selection of fireplaces, accessories and fire pillars at Vent du Sud.

To the left is the cutest table decoration with three flames that he's selling for 10L - a real giveaway for such painstaking work (and yes I know I cut a bit of it off but maybe you should check it out as a whole?)

We're going to change the 50% off items any time now, so drop in and grab Menthal's monumental, central fireplace (low-prim and stunning) for just 100L while you can. You really have to see it (or check out my blog a couple of days ago for a pic).

And two more examples of Menthal's talent (among lots of others to be found at Vent du Sud? A two-prim campfire (see pic) that is an almost-freebie - and yes, just 2 prims.

Last but not least, a whole pile of superbly textured logs plus an axe... a superb addition to any rustic decor. It's mod/copy so I suppose you could take out the axe and... er... yeah.

Axes, blowtorches... maybe I'd better be really nice to Menthal in case his next creation is even more potentially dangerous!

Rett is still selling her spectacular red 'flames' dress at the special price of 250L too (again check out this blog two days ago), but grab it while you can. Just across the square from the tp.

Drop in, warm your toes, and shop for stunning, original creations (not just fires, of course): only at Vent du Sud!

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