Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Of patios and polkadots

Is it nearly spring yet? Looking at it snowing here in the south of France, it doesn't feel like it. But at least there's sunshine in SL... or at least at Vent du Sud!
And to help it along a bit, I've packed up my patio set - one of my best-sellers - into a great value bundle - all copiable and lots of great colours and varied anims to choose from with a simple click (see a couple of the colours here, but there are another four, including rich dark brown suede to choose from).

Get the armchair, the couch, the parasol, the table and even the candle, and with two armchairs out, the whole set is just 17 prims. Save nearly 50% on buying the individual pieces: only 250L.

Find it here, right by the ice rink (which I think I need to turn back into a pool to cheer me up in this awful weather!)

As for Rett, she's in a spring mood too! Find this cute, classy and sassy polka dot outfit at her store on the square. Creamy yellow and black with a matching belt, and beautifully detailed as always. A great outfit to mix and match.

OK, I'm off to break some virtual ice... !