Saturday, 9 January 2010

Vent du Sud - more cosiness, more fires

Mmm, I could just do with one of these in RL right now!

But it's still nice and cosy here at Vent du Sud with all these great fires around.

Yesterday's specials will be changed sometime today - and this time you'll have to look around to see which they are (but remember, the prices are low anyway - normal price just 69L for this pillar, available in several metals or enamels).

They're mod/copy, the flame turns on and off, and they're a great accent piece (and they cast a soft, warm light when turned on).
Imagine a couple of them outside your front door, in your garden, or even as an alternative to a fireplace in a small apartment!

And, as promised, Rett Gentil is doing a special offer, and this is quite a dress. Think 'flames', think 'unusual', think heavy satin.
Sexy but classy is Rett's philosophy and you'll definitely set any dance floor on fire with this one.

Normally 350L, it's reduced to 250L this week. Get it right here at her store on the square!

Don't forget the really stunning fire accessories and luscious animal skins available too, all at tiny prices. Just thing for snuggling up. So drop into Vent du Sud today and choose a great new fire!
(And... um... 'hot' news: I think Menthal is going to reduce the price of his big, central fireplace sometime today. Check it out (see yesterday's blog) and admire the great lines and superb embers).

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