Thursday, 21 January 2010

Midnight Mania and Cheddar

Eeek... I know a couple of people missed out on the brand new Vent du Sud Midnight Mania board, so I've left it for today: find it inside the store (see the photo) and grab the great fountain. Today's target is just 15 people: I'm trying to be... er... realistic!

And to soften the blow a little in case you did miss it, I've put out a one-prim (well d'oh how many prims do you want a cushion to have) er, cushion with 7 colours (all plains, and why of course I forgot to click on another colour for the second photo), and 3 great poses.

You could furnish a whole room with these... and they're 1l each for today (even after the MM locks, until I get up tomorrow morning in France...!)

And what's Cheddar, you might ask? Apart from cheese?

Well, Cheddar is a guy from Finland who made the great fancy classy sexy .gif for my blog header. He has just started on SL but he's a great graphic artist and we've sort of adopted him at Vent du Sud: find details of his company on the wall of the small courtyard near the TP point, or just send an IM to Cheddar Admiral (and I've just figured out why there's a butterfly in his ad: Admiral. Go me).

Why would you want to do that?

Well, if you're a blogger, or want really stunning advertising for SL magazines - and you aren't an expert in that area, he'll help you. For great prices too.

Want more jaw-dropping photos of Alain Papp's carnival costumes and masks, or Rett's latest creation? I'll get back to fashion tomorrow, I hope.
So for now shoo. Get the fountain (and the cushion!) at Vent du Sud!

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