Saturday, 23 January 2010

Opera and oil lamps (and Mr Oh)

Elegance, class, unusual - that's something we aim for at Vent du Sud. Except when we're fooling around on the square in Menthal's go-karts or playing with tumbling... things on the square, but that's another story...

Our latest store, Ferri & Lane, is no exception. Take a look at this simply superb "Opera" gown. The ladies are French, and I think on this gown, you can feel that. Subtle colours, heavy satin, fine detailing. Perfect for a very special night out... and yet both parts would mix and match so well.

True French fashion, exquisitely finished, for 380L. Quality has a price, but this, I think, is a fair one. (And yes, I'm working on them for some special Vent du Sud promotions!)

Find it in their new, Ferri & Lane store (and check out their other outfits: all with that special something): right near the pool / ice rink and easily visible from the main square.

As for me, I've been working on making your walls prettier. Not contented with fiddling with oil lamps (they'll be available separately soon), I decided to blend one into a "flowerbox" that mixes light and flowers and fine brocade. Find it at Fleurs du Sud just across the main square.

Yes, the oil lamp works: click the controls and the flame lights or goes out. Click the chimney and it lights up (see picture to the left).
So for just 150L, you have a statement piece for a room that fits either modern or classical surroundings. And most of all, it's a very modest 10 prims for both lighting and floral art in one. Transfer too, so a great gift!

And... erm... it's pretty. Even if Menthal Oh said it would be great in a funeral parlour too. For that... I threatened to double his rent or stop blogging his stuff.

Being a kind sort of landlady, however, I won't.

Being a scatterbrain, however, means I can't find the photos of his latest gadget so that'll have to wait for tomorrow. Unless, of course you wanted over to Vent du Sud and check out his great idea for a sim or a party. Just find the light bulbs in front of his store, right on the square.

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