Thursday, 14 January 2010

Rezz day...!

Hold tight... there are going to be two Vent du Sud posts today (unless some sort of major RL drama takes place). But it's my rezz day so... bear with me?

So... three years since I leafed through a Swiss magazine, saw an article on SL and downloaded it out of interest. Why? Well, we'd just decided to move countries (to France) so I wanted to take my mind off that for one thing, and my 'me time' needed a change. Mr RL was already champing at the bit to pack up my fabrics (I love quilting) and work was so hectic that writing (my other hobby) seemed like a lot of effort when I'd spent my day lining up words.

SL has been a fascinating journey, and I can honestly say that I've learned a lot: about people, about friendship, about using computer graphics to create instead of paints, fabrics, or even words. No, SL isn't perfect and neither am I (understatement). I've made mistakes and I'll make them again. I still have a whole lot to learn about building, but... I'm having fun doing it.

I'm also planning do so... something to celebrate. Not a party because a) I'm actually a bit of a loner and b) I don't want to look like I'm fishing for pats on the back (for surviving this long?).

My own little corner of SL, Vent du Sud, has brought me so much. Friends around, most of all: that's the best part. I travel for work and logging on to find 'my' bit of the virtual world and my friends is another great thing. The tier is at a level I can handle even if I don't sell much (although right now I desperately want more prims: not for selling space but to make the 'feel' of the place more as I want it). An SL millionnaire would come in really handy right now: a girl can dream, eh?

I'm off to work but in spare minutes, I need to decide what to do: depending on time it'll be something like making lots of things free for a few hours, or boxing some stuff and popping it in my subscribo (hint). I love putting things in there anyway.

The best 'gift' of all to me, though, is when people drop into Vent du Sud, and chat to us (we're often around), dance on the square or by the dock, spend a romantic moment in the lighthouse, go skating, fly a plane or zoom around in a go-kart, chill on the dock or by the pool / ice rink, take a pedalo, or see our latest building fun. Oh, or even shop ;)

So (cue violins) thanks to my friends, to SL, and hope the journey continues!

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