Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Blues (and no, not another chair) and compromises

Fairly serious post for once.

For a while, and on recommendation, I've been using a small script that brings up a LM to my place (Vent du Sud) when buyers rezz an item.

The other day, I was pretty irritated (think "strutting around my RL garden muttering under my breath") about people complaining about this... in a freebie.

After talking about it in a discussion forum, I had lots of opinions on getting 'unsolicited LMs'. They ranged from 'clicking a small x is no big deal and lots of vendors have these things' to 'it scares me off buying her stuff' and (!!)  'if she won't delete it from what you bought, AR her for spamming'.


I got pretty upset about the AR stuff although fine, I can see that some people appear to be highly sensitive about 'unwanted LMs' popping up when they rezz stuff. I'm not quite sure how many times somebody would want to rezz anything of mine but OK, if it's a tree and you want to rezz a forest, that would be LOTS of clicks.

On the other hand, I don't spam on my subscribo, and don't send out 'please join my group' messages, or use a greeter.


(Note to self: never make trees, and this is me feeling grumpy ... and blog posts need photos).

(Although I did make trees, but not ones that you'd want to rezz a dozen of)

So, amid a lot more muttering under my breath and a slight attack of self-pitying drama-queenishness, I got hold of the amazing Geek Back and said 'please please make me an autodestruct script for my LM-giver-thingy'.

He did. He's great like that. So I now have one that says it won't come back. BUT... it won't come back in *that copy*. So if it's a copiable item and the buyer then pulls another copy out, it will. Meaning if you don't want the automatic LM, you need to rename the de-scripted one.

I do wonder which is the most fiddly / time-consuming to do: rename or click on the LM to decline it.

But it's a compromise. Customers (even potential customers) are always right. I know it.

I haven't decided yet if I'll go through EVERY damned item at my place, rip out the offending LM-giver and replace it (and then make sure all the backups in my inventory are also similarly castrated dealt with too).

I probably will because an AR for spamming is really the last thing I need. But it'll take me a couple of days.

If you have anything of mine and are thinking of rezzing a zillion copies of it, please note that you CAN delete the LM autogiver script using a scrubber script if it's modifiable (meaning most of my stuff). If you can't do that and it really bugs you, then please let me know: for copy items I'll send you a 'without' version but again, it could take a while.  RL is very busy this week.

For freebies, dollarbies and anything below 20L, not going to rip out, replace. Nope. Sorry.

Since RL is also a total bitch workwise, I'm not feeling very fashion-y either. Nor do I have the energy to find the slurl for Zero style but this hair (Dana) is just gorgeous. I tinted it (as usual) but... pale green, to offset the too-red tone. Heh.

(see? Didactic blog despite the whining).

And the Smoothie stool I'm sitting feeling irritable on? No automatic LM.. Four poses, four colours. Instructions inside or on the information gizmo inside my store but basically click on the cushion to change the colour and the frame to change the pose. 

Call it a peace offering, or something, but it's 10L today only at Vent du Sud.

Any comments on the who issue? Feel free.


Prokofy said...

Hi, I'm a fairly regular customer. I find this an annoyance, and not really likely to work for its stated purpose, i.e. to drive people back to your store.

It would be one thing to stick it in a freebie, especially a transferable freebie or dollarbie.

But if I've spent $150 or even $50 on something, I shouldn't have to get spammed each time I rez it. You can put a landmark inside the product for people to find if they need it. They can always get to your store by your name as creator that leads to your picks, too.

If I need to find your store, I wouldn't go hunting for a landmark in inventory anyway. I'd just type in your name in the search/places list, which is what I do every time. So I think you have to weigh the costs and benefits here.


Thank you.

This is why I am hesitating at the moment between the new script, i.e. LM comes up once only, or no script at all.

Interesting, though. I buy a lot of stuff with 'recurring' LMs and it doesn't bother me at all, because I'm on my own, unpacking stuff. Greeters, or group inviters, while I'm out an about drive me insane.

(More insane).