Sunday, 25 July 2010

Strategically placed fruit and other things of interest

It's a lovely summer day here in RL southern France - and blue is really a part of Provence.

So let me show you the GEO set called 'seaside blues'.  I love blue and white and yellow when it's hot, so I thought this might be an idea as a special.

As my subscribo group know, there's a HUGE deal on it, in a box that includes the whole lot - couch, chair, (both with singles and couples poses, colour change cushions), table, rug, pillow set (top pic), glassware plus a little extra (hint: it's yellow).
At Vent du Sud, obviously. See the set in my mainstore opposite the  tp point here but THEN...take yourself off over here to find the WHOLE lot for 120L. Only until about 12 hours from now (i.e. when I wake up tomorrow morning).

And as I'm sure some of you are already missing the regular fruit references...

I have a friend with a sense of humour who sent it to me as a gift, see. Quite... er... a fashion statement. It's called 'Eat Fruit' and is by Gumi Yao.

Takes a little strategic placing, I tell you.

Have a great Sunday, all... OH.... and another quickie. Superb new 3-prim parasol in FIVE colours outside the Vent du Sud mainstore. 50L only (again until I wake up tomorrow and change it to 129L).

(Please note: this is a non-rambly post - I have a RL man doing a barbecue, which mostly involves him standing watching things cook and me running around doing marinade, table, salads, sauce, drinks, etc. (and clearing up). Does this sound familiar?)

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