Monday, 19 July 2010

Blank on Monday

No, my photography isn't worse than usual. Nor am I trying for 'fancy effects'.

Logged on this morning to find that yet again somebody hadn't bothered with the 'off' switch on Menthal's great dance floor mist machine (except it was purple and... purple is not my favourite colour). Great gizmo though and apparently it's selling really well. Go check it out (but please TURN IT OFF after!)

So, anxious to avoid work, I started musing about colour and tinting, mainly because last night I tried on the new group gift from Kunglers (50L very well spent, may I add). LOVED both parts, but not together. So having tweaked the skirt to fit, I added the bare top from Coco and tinted it.

I have to say that I tend to buy a LOT of white or light-coloured, modifiable clothes and tint them. Just call me thrifty :)

Did you know, btw, that if you hit advanced / UI / show color under cursor you can match just about anything? Go try it: you get the RGB values of whatever's under your cursor shown to the bottom right of the screen. Small warning though... it tends to do weird things on taking photos, i.e. turning the dialogue box transparent. So unclick again for snapshots.

Anyway, that gave me an idea for the more adventurous shoppers among you.

I've blogged about my pile of pillows with a whole lot of anims in them before. A lot of my furniture packs have matching sets of them thrown in (but they're available separately too) -.have a wander around and see some of the different colours and check out the nPose goodness. Copiable, 100L.

So, as it's Monday, and 'blank' describes me rather well (my desk is groaning under work, none of which appeals much), I've put out a BLANK set you can modify, and copy. Meaning playtime if you'd like to experiment with colours and / or fabrics

Even better, the offsets are all pre-done so that you can apply shaded textures without tweaking too, making it even easier.

6 prims the lot, and really, a LOT of pre-installed anims, including 3 couples' poses, friends' sets, solo...

... including one I'd vastly prefer to stay on rather than attack a  Monday morning (ohmmmmm).

Where? Either direct tp here
Or just look for the brand new Vent du Sud Tree Haven - visible from the main square even with lowish draw distances (and yes, going to blog about it soon).

How long? 48 hours max.

Price? 150L for endless colours, tints and comfy seating. And meditation early on a Monday.

Happy Monday!

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