Friday, 16 July 2010

Mustard is the new black - and espadrilles rock upside down

Adjusting poses has its moments, eh? Must talk to Coco Designs to see if she thinks this would be THE advertising campaign for her espadrilles (which are, btw, gorgeous and beautifully detailed and... yeah).

OK, no. Joking. Sorry Ms. Lemon.

Pause while Blogger flatly refuses to insert a GOOD photo of said espadrille. So have a SLURL to Coco instead. Anybody wishing to make me happy, I'll have one of everything in every colour from that store, please. Particularly the shoes and boots. And the tops. Oh, and the skirts. And OK, the pants as well.

And yes, joking again (well... partly.).

Well OK, not at all. (Another pause to look at my Linden balance: where's a Linden-rich man when you need one?).


No hard sell today. Just a reminder to sign up to the Vent du Sud subscribo as the new gift (yes, the chair is a hint) will be in there this weekend, but in two colours exclusive to my lovely subscribo people. Other colours, btw, and low-cost copiable packs thereof, in the ART CAFE which will be the subject of another rambling post soon. You have been warned.

(With poses (four! animated! cute!) that are, I promise, the right way round and the right way up).

And if you want to take advantage of a couple of nearly-freebies while you're at it... please do: lots of pretty little things for a handful of Lindens right by the subscribo board. Examples above but there are more if you look around.  

Last, though, a big thanks to an extremely kind client who was extraordinarily gracious about the fact that a boxed set called 'Mustard'* contained black. And no, not vice-versa. The 'Mustard' box did actually have... the mustard version in it. Meaning another double-check of everything last night (thanks again, Sunshine).

My excuse is that it's hot. Or I'm a little scatterbrained about this thing called Trying to Sell Stuff. More like it, eh?

(And I want to rush off to Coco and buy stuff).

*OK OK quick plug in the form of a direct link anyway...because Coco has this new t-shirt out...

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Anonymous said...

You have a customer for life. I appreciate your concern and your efforts to make things correct..even with a little sugar on top!