Sunday, 18 July 2010

Musings over mangoes, and the joy of giving

So yesterday I was making mango chutney (this is sort of relevant, I promise) and hopped into SL from time to time.

A couple of nice things happened... like being BLOGGED IN SWEDISH. And even better, being told about it by a very pleasant Swedish fellow builder. SL can be great like that (and I actually figured out Google translator to make sure it didn't say 'maker of the crappiest stuff in the metaverse'...)

(It didn't).

Also, a couple of people liked my free chairs (see yesterday's post). One lady had a bit of a tussle with nPose but a quick TP and a point to the notecard solved that.

(See? Mango. Read on....)

And then... an IM that to be honest left me halfway between infuriated and rolling on the floor laughing.

See, I add LMs-on-rezz to my stuff. It's called 'advertising', hmm? Where I think it's useful, I bung in a notecard (see above: sometimes it helps but with nPose stuff, no notecard on rezz or you get all the config cards as well).

But, oh bad, terrible builder that I am, I actually popped the LM into the gift box as well as the two chairs, so (gasp) it came up more than once. The box also contained nPose instructions, and - how AWFUL - there was a second notecard in the box that mentioned the Vent du Sud revamp.

This irritated the hell out of one person who received the gift. Note: gift. To the point she sent me a snippy IM saying it was 'bombarding her' to the point she wouldn't shop at my place.

The chairs? No comment. A scripter I know actually offered me a script that showers abuse on a specified user.

I was tempted. "Hello, dear avatar who feels bombarded - here's a peace offering".

No. Honestly, no. I didn't. I won't.

But, logically, which takes longer? Deleting a superfluous LM and an (arguably useful) instruction card, or dashing off a whining IM? Yes, it was superfluous to put the LM in the gift box and I'll avoid that in future but...

... but anyway.

Fashion moment: Latest obsession is this romper suit from because it comes with a fabulous belt in several sizes AND is tintable. And it's Sunday and romping is in order, no?

And FINALLY THE MANGO THING. Sunday dollarbie moment in case strawberries and lemon aren't enough... (they're now out of the subscribo but if you really want them, yell).

Mango version of the ART CAFE chairs. Yes, dollarbie today only. (Oh, and fire pillar at 10L instead of 79L while we're at it. Chutney coloured :)

(And why yes, they both come with LMs on rezz. And the chair... has a notecard too. Inside it).

All yours at Vent du Sud, by the pool.

(Oh, and I'm making lime pickle later. Want a lime coloured one?)

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