Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Fig chutney, sculpts and a tiny bit of frustration

No really, this doesn't look like something rather awful, particularly when you see the figs all chopped up ready to make....

Fig Chutney (yes, another adventure thanks to our neighbours-with-fruit-to-spare). It tastes wonderful. Check out the recipe in the link.

So, fresh from putting it into jars (lovely waft of balsamico), I came up with this...

...(amid much hilarity from various sources). But seriously, they are such LOVELY colours. 

Seats up to 5, 9 prims in total, lots of anims, couples poses too. Get it HERE for the next 48 hours only, and 100L instead of 199L.

Also, I am too broke to buy some fun-looking sculpt maps of jamjars with fruit preserve textures, which I rather like the idea of giving out as freebies. It may still happen. So yes, this is a compromise at half price and then I may go sculpt-hunting. 

And I can feel a rant coming on but will TRY to make it short.

I've heard a few derogatory comments recently about 'hmph, that's just a sculpt bought on XStreet with a texture slapped on'. Well, I've seen stuff like that, yes. But there is 'slapping textures on', and there is fiddling endlessly with textures, offsets, tints, not to mention putting poses in, adjusting them, or combining and tweaking various sculpts to make a 'whole' that has some of your own skills in there too. 

Few people in SL can do everything. And what is wrong with finding (or paying) people to do the bits you can't (scripting, making sculpts, poses, etc. in my case)? Personally I'd rather have something made using GOOD sculpts I've bought (from somebody I know hasn't ripped them) than battling with software I don't master and producing clunky ones.

Yes, it's good to  learn new things. I'm not saying it isn't. I am slowly getting to grips with making textures, modifying scripts, and adjusting poses. Scripting is currently scheduled for around 2014.

At the moment,  however, I love playing with colours and shapes and moods, and that takes up my SL building time.

Ah, got that off my chest.

So once more... FIGS (and Vent du Sud... and honestly I've redone my LMs so nobody lands in walls out by the patio store any more - sorry!). That one is the main square, the other one is for the pool where you find the offer. Really.

And admire the Kookie 'Lazy' shoes I shall probably still be wearing next week. Well, one of the three colours I bought (another reason why people may have to wait for the jam jars: it was tier time and they were such lovely shoes *sigh*). I need them in a sort of darkish, figgish aubergine now.

Ermmm.... the neighbours bought green beans today. And yellow ones. Watch this space.

However (and really, I'm going now), if you do want a 'custom CURVE IT!, just ask me, Ariadne Korda.

I can do green. Or whatever :)

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