Thursday, 15 July 2010

Bold, bright and beautiful (oh, and black)

Yes I know I already posted today. But.... I'm EXCITED now I've got the revamp done.


I love pastels, don't get me wrong. I do a lot of pastels. But sometimes you need to make a bolder statement.

The Vent du Sud GEO set "Black and  Brights" is a statement all of its own, and it's a great deal: Although you can buy each piece separately, the whole (copiable) set is a steal: 3-seater couch, chair, rug, table, glassware aaaaaaand a great set of throw pillows...  (yes, those over there with a HOST of poses in them: singles, couples, you name it).

... and all for just 250L: Huge savings on the separate prices. Low prim (couch 7, chair 6, table 4, glassware 3, rug 1 and pillows 6... an entire living room for just 21 prims!

Click on the scatter cushions and table top (see the colour strip), and you can change teach one: bright, bold, rich colours.

But saving the best for last, there's a whole host of fabulous animations in the seating: lots of choices, including couples' poses and  -because I can't be the ONLY person who likes to sit on the floor, can I? - one of those too.

Where? Right here at Vent du Sud, in the smaller store. Direct TP right in front of the set here.

(and if you really prefer pastels, there are oodles of them in the main part of the store, right by the teleport.

The Vent du Sud Geo Line: simple, but unique.

(and I promise I won't post twice a day again).

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