Saturday, 17 July 2010

What was (and still is) in the subscribo, beaches, and George winks at my dress.

Here's the subscribo gift from Vent du Sud (and thanks to Oisele who liked it so much she sent me a photo of it below. Up top is me, trying not to go shopping!)

Four great poses (animated) and two great colours.

Last chance to get it today (unless I forget to take it out, which is quite possible). Don't forget there are lots of other colours (and great value packs of 3 or 6 colours) at the ART CAFE just by the square (more on that soon).

Today's featured item? Think beaches!

This pretty driftwood frame called 'Seaglass' is very beachy indeed: check out the details (10 prims, transfer: a great summer gift for someone). Today, only 50L. In the mainstore.

And speaking of beaches, and shopping, here's an upcoming beachy feature (no, not me, the chairs) and a stunning bargain from RunoRuno that I had to slip in here somehow. It's called the Hyperkinetic dress, costs a tiny 50L and I just LOVE it. George the seagull seems to approve too. He kept winking, anyway.

((And why yes, I am including AMAZING FASHION DETAILS these days. And why no, I am so not trying to break into that scene. I just like nice clothes. And I am vain.)).

More on the deckchairs another time... but for now, the subscribo, remember?

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