Thursday, 22 July 2010

Deck, dock and... er no not that. DESIGN

So, all the automatic LM-giver scripts are gone. I do listen to people. Sometimes. Even if it can be anything but what I want to hear.

Freebies, however? Will have the Brand New Magically Appearing But Self-Deleting LM script (ask scripting genius Geek Back if you want one).

And having done that I am ready to ramble on again.

... about deckchairs.  And an idea I had when I came up with a series of seaside-ish type things. Find these two in the Vent du Sud mainstore at 120L for the pair or 69 each, btw, if you're feeling nautical.  Or captainish or mateish.

Please check them out: yes they're simple but a lot of care went into the texturing.

Yes, they have (3, animated) poses- see one of them below. Three prims each. Ideal for watching sunsets after a long day of fiddling with scripts.

Better still, how about customised ones?

Here's a set I did for a lovely lady yesterday. Custom ones are 80L each, 130L for a pair, and you can choose the fabric, font, wood and the names you want, within reason (for example your own name, or His and Hers, Stupid and Stupider, Master and Slave, or a store name, event name or... whatever).

Big orders = reductions.

Normally, they're copy, but if you'd like them as advertising I can make them copy / transfer for your giveaways for a price we can haggle over.

Turnaround time? normally 48 hours max (unless you have a list of 40 names in Polish or Hungarian). 

See the sign at the Vent du Sud mainstore for details but basically you IM me or mail me, Ariadne Korda (my IMs go to mail), I make the chairs (being the trusting sort), and then you pay me. Paying me in advance is allowed too (and for big orders, I will ask for part of the cost up front).

And that sunset? Just the moment of peace I wanted last night.

Fashion notes: Great, vibrantly-coloured long dress by Coco designs and a lovely blowy hair called 'Afterglow' by Cake.

Have to say I never tire of sunsets at Vent du Sud. Remember, there's a great pedalo ride too, off the dock, plus a fabulous swim system out there. Bring your friends!

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