Saturday, 24 July 2010

Not a rant (with a digression on apricots)

Well, no news from the decor divas. Must say that a quick IM to say 'ooops sorry it was a glitch' would have gone a long way and I would be writing a blog saying 'oh hey, mistakes happen'.

But... I'm not. So subject closed, as far as I'm concerned.

(Today's nearly-free offer. Small but fun... scroll down for details).

So yesterday turned into a rather bizarre day. I had a deadline to meet for (RL) work, which was somewhat complicated by the arrival of a neighbour with two massive boxes of apricots that needed to hit the jam pan before they went more mushy (the joys of rural French living!).

Delegated husband to buy sugar and chop fruit and stir, while I ploughed through a translation that makes watching paint dry seem positively thrilling. Lunch break, popped inworld to gossip with a couple of friends, and of course for that Barbie Moment. 

Nothing quite like feeling feminine in SL when in RL you're in scruffy shorts and tee, with apricot-y dribbles.

This dress from SALT (Summer Romance)? Gorgeous. I'm wearing it sleeveless but it has sleeves too. The belt is from the romper suit (which has THREE, each in three sizes - meaning it's one of those incredible staples and beautifully done).

Much better than the jam-smeared RL version.

Afternoon: met deadline (phew). Went for a swim. Cooked a meal. Put labels on a ridiculous amount of apricot jam (with vanilla, without vanilla, plus apricot chutney containing rather a heavy-handed dose of chili).

Went back to SL and...

... wow. People strolling around Vent du Sud, some lingering for a dance and a chat, others sending IMs that made me feel all warm and mushy... it was just great.

Never talked to so many fun people in one evening, ever. Amazing people. Lots of laughs, and some great, great contacts.  Went to bed feeling extraordinarily mellow and delighted to see some of the very, very good side of SL.

Must rant more often.

Well no, actually. It's a bit like chili... overdose and it gets a little too much.

Right now I'm working on something to put in the subscribo (join it!) and also on organising our upcoming opening party for the superb photo exhibition at the Vent du Sud Art Café (but check it out - already open). More on that soon but wow, those photos.

No, the gift will not be an apricot chair. Seen enough apricots to last me a very long time.

If you've read this far, oh brave reader of rambles, here's the firebowl.
5L, copy. Right by the subscribo at Vent du Sud. Turns on and off as any good firebowl should, but really pretty flames.

Have a great weekend, everyone. And believe me, I appreciated the comments, IMs and laughs yesterday SO MUCH.

Thank you.

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