Friday, 23 July 2010

A hunting we will go. Or not. Rant.

This is a rant. Please be warned.

Also, do help yourself to some Vent du Sud nearly-freebies (scroll down another one). A sample of what I do, with lots of attention to detail. Like, y'know, I'd do with hunt gifts.

So what's making me so grumpy? Well... hunts. Or rather one particular hunt-to-be.

See, I organised a couple, way back. They involved up to 30 (mainly fashion) stores, and it was a hassle. Helping vendors, helping hunters (some of whom behaved liked spoiled brats, but most were lovely), answering countless IMs and notecards, and plugging away to get it on blogs, on the events calendar, etc.

It did wonders for traffic, i.e. for getting the sim I co-owned on the map. Whether it was any use to the vendors is hard to say. We recommended that people put good stuff out, as a 'visiting card'. Some did. Some.. didn't. I was tempted to grumble about that but didn't. It was their call. But for me, I see it as good advertising: people may come back.

I swore I would never, ever run one again, though. It was exhausting and thankless, mostly, so I have to admire those who do.



(You knew there was a but coming, right?)

Time for another photo because, y'know, plug for my stuff while I collect my thoughts.

Vent du Sud 'Curve it!' - seats up to 5 plus couples' poses
So, let's say there's a hunt announced - in a group you belong to - that you feel enthusiastic about as you're a creator in precisely that area. You sign up on the same day and send off the notecard to the person stated on the form. Wait patiently to be equipped with the... whatever it is they give vendors. Notecard accepted (so far, so good).

No news.

OK, so maybe they're a bit behind. This happens. Nothing on the blog, so all must be well. Mustn't pester. I've been on the receiving end of this, remember.

You send the notecard again on the day the entries close, just to make sure. Still no news.

Then, a week later, you find out that the organisers have changed and the person you sent the notecard to is no longer dealing with it. She says, however, that your sign-up has been forwarded to the NEW people.

Except it hasn't. Or it has but for some reason you aren't included - not sure which.

"You", of course, being "me".
(Yes, I'm irritated. Can you tell?)

Contacting the new organisers is like bashing your head against the wall. One profile says 'we're accepting no more vendors for the hunt, sorry you're too late tough shoo go away' (sort of thing).


Send notecard anyway, explaining the problem.

Nada. Zip.

Tried IMs yesterday. Bingo... or rather not.

A promise to 'get back to me right away' left me hanging around for two hours.

Not a word.

Tried one last time this morning and will of course update the blog if I finally get an answer. I'm not holding my breath.
Apparently there is drama between the original organisers. I don't give a damn about their drama. I'm just not impressed with how people who signed up early, in good faith, are now being completely left in the dark. Apparently I'm not alone, either.

- Why wasn't there some sort of information sent to the group by the new organisers, to inform people there had been a change?
- What did happen to the sign-ups that were sent to the original organiser?
- Why don't the new organisers at least respond to (polite) requests by the people who signed up on the original form - it's still the SAME hunt after all and apparently the same sign-up rules?

So it rather looks like Vent du Sud won't be taking part. I shall survive. It's is after all only a hunt, not a life-threatening event. I just don't like feeling I've been screwed over because of some sort of internal drama. NOTE: I really feel for the person running the group, however: it is really not her fault that things have gone awry.

During the 'hunt week', however, I will be offering "special specials", including freebies, so please stay tuned.

(Like this one for 1L... click on the plants and they change. Right by the subscribo).

Rant over.


Chic Aeon said...

Sometimes getting your frustration out really helps -- if you can then let it go :D. There are good hunts and bad hunts. I'm sure you know that. And this one (I am clever enough to know which one) may turn out to be an event that you would just as soon not be in. So, while things didn't seem to go well -- they might have, in fact, turned out in your best interest. Take a deep breath.


Thank you.

Many deep breaths taken. And you are absolutely right.

(And fortunately, I'm never grumpy for long).