Sunday, 31 January 2010

The fires are going out at Vent du Sud

No, we're not leaving: far from it. Just that we never have enough prims to keep everything around (or at least until I win the lottery and can buy a full sim!)

Tomorrow, we're going to be moving (most of) the fires and fire pillars to make way for some new things at Vent du Sud, so this really is the last chance to grab any one of over a dozen models, including fire baskets, pillars, and some great accessories.

All of them are mod/copy, and the prices are all reduced to 50L or 30L - more than a bargain for such detailed work. These flames look so real, so lively, and of course click on and off.
The accessories (logs, fire tools) are almost-freebies, so don't miss those either!

Imagine the hanging basket of fire or a plain but striking pillar outside or inside your home: they go with either themed or modern builds. Or a Victorian fireplace like the one below - so cosy!

Please drop in and have a look around: if we're on the sim (and we often are ), we have some great gifts to offer you there and then - whether you buy something or not.
Also, there's a tiny but beautifully crafted single rose in a heavy glass vase as a DOLLARBIE in Fleurs du Sud: transferable of course, so a pretty gift for someone (check out the gorgeous VALENTINE flowerboxes too, if you want to give a lasting, striking and CLASSY gift to that special person).

And last but not least, Pearl and Ferri (Ashton & Lane) have put out a gift to mark their opening at Vent du Sud: these three classical tops are in a bag: help yourself - direct tp here.
Their store is by the (recently thawed!) pool, and near our great dock where you can watch the gulls, or have a dance in the soft light of southern France.
Vent du Sud: it's where we call home, and we love to share it. Come on over!

Friday, 29 January 2010

Fireplaces for Fifty and other specials, all weekend!

Vent du Sud... *cough, splutter*

There's nothing like logging in to be greeted by waves of mist (blue, very blue), a cloud of bubbles and a cannon shooting hearts... but it's a taste of things to discover soon at Vent du Sud, (where our building addiction is far bigger than our prims available).

If you need some very nifty particle effects for a club, by the way, jets or water doing fancy things, or even a wave of (not necessarily blue) mist for your castle or whatever, contact our very own Menthal Oh. He'll be happy to do something custom-made, very special, and at a price that will make you smile.

Today's post, though, is in fact to announce that our 'fire special' theme is drawing to a close... some of them will be retired to make room for new things.

Until Sunday at midnight, however, they are all on sale: 50L or 30L (mod/copy).

One in the Midnight Mania board too, with a small target (the photo below would be a hint).

While you're grabbing a superb fireplace from a good dozen to choose from, Rett has reduced her 'flames' dress even more just this weekend: down from 300L to 200L. Yes, I had to twist her arm... but she's delighted to see so many shoppers discovering her store here!
On display at the entrance to her store, on the square.

And last but not least, there's a gift bag out at Ashton and Lane: not one but three really pretty, classic, basic tops in great colours. Photos of them tomorrow!

Don't miss out on all this (although you may need an oxygen mask or an umbrella on the square depending on what Menthal's playing with): never a dull moment at Vent du Sud!

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Of patios and polkadots

Is it nearly spring yet? Looking at it snowing here in the south of France, it doesn't feel like it. But at least there's sunshine in SL... or at least at Vent du Sud!
And to help it along a bit, I've packed up my patio set - one of my best-sellers - into a great value bundle - all copiable and lots of great colours and varied anims to choose from with a simple click (see a couple of the colours here, but there are another four, including rich dark brown suede to choose from).

Get the armchair, the couch, the parasol, the table and even the candle, and with two armchairs out, the whole set is just 17 prims. Save nearly 50% on buying the individual pieces: only 250L.

Find it here, right by the ice rink (which I think I need to turn back into a pool to cheer me up in this awful weather!)

As for Rett, she's in a spring mood too! Find this cute, classy and sassy polka dot outfit at her store on the square. Creamy yellow and black with a matching belt, and beautifully detailed as always. A great outfit to mix and match.

OK, I'm off to break some virtual ice... !

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

22 slaps and counting...

Menthal Oh has offered this great and completely unique fire as the latest Vent du Sud Midnight mania prize.

So, so unusual for either indoors or outdoors. Incredible detailing of course - it's our whole philosophy.

I've just put it out... and 22 slaps left for it to be yours. Bring your friends!

Where? Right on the square. Bring your umbrella... Menthal's making waterworks :)

Sunday, 24 January 2010

SUNDAY SPECIAL: Gazebo with retractable curtain

A gazebo is somewhere to dream, no? And isn't it time to buy one, or replace your old one? It's a great place to show off that great outfit too, if you're a photographer: feel free to use the one at Vent du Sud, of course!

The special thing about this one, though... is that it offers privacy for those romantic moments when you just want to be together. Incredibly detailed with wrought iron roof and carved stonework. Sobre, simple, but extremely classy too.
Click on the soft, gold-trimmed curtain (drapes, if you're across the Pond) and they drop down. Click on the (included) lamp and you have a soft glow. Perfect for a moonlight dance, or just a quiet chat.

Price: 100L (usual price 160) - SUNDAY SPECIAL until around midnight SL.

Prims: 16 (12 without the lamp)

Where: Vent du Sud (of course) : Direct tp here or the main square here.
Perms: mod / copy
Drop in and take a look!
PS: and if you're looking for a great dress to pose there, check out ASHTON and LANE right nearby. And my humble excuses to the ladies as I mixed up their first and second names in the last couple of posts...

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Opera and oil lamps (and Mr Oh)

Elegance, class, unusual - that's something we aim for at Vent du Sud. Except when we're fooling around on the square in Menthal's go-karts or playing with tumbling... things on the square, but that's another story...

Our latest store, Ferri & Lane, is no exception. Take a look at this simply superb "Opera" gown. The ladies are French, and I think on this gown, you can feel that. Subtle colours, heavy satin, fine detailing. Perfect for a very special night out... and yet both parts would mix and match so well.

True French fashion, exquisitely finished, for 380L. Quality has a price, but this, I think, is a fair one. (And yes, I'm working on them for some special Vent du Sud promotions!)

Find it in their new, Ferri & Lane store (and check out their other outfits: all with that special something): right near the pool / ice rink and easily visible from the main square.

As for me, I've been working on making your walls prettier. Not contented with fiddling with oil lamps (they'll be available separately soon), I decided to blend one into a "flowerbox" that mixes light and flowers and fine brocade. Find it at Fleurs du Sud just across the main square.

Yes, the oil lamp works: click the controls and the flame lights or goes out. Click the chimney and it lights up (see picture to the left).
So for just 150L, you have a statement piece for a room that fits either modern or classical surroundings. And most of all, it's a very modest 10 prims for both lighting and floral art in one. Transfer too, so a great gift!

And... erm... it's pretty. Even if Menthal Oh said it would be great in a funeral parlour too. For that... I threatened to double his rent or stop blogging his stuff.

Being a kind sort of landlady, however, I won't.

Being a scatterbrain, however, means I can't find the photos of his latest gadget so that'll have to wait for tomorrow. Unless, of course you wanted over to Vent du Sud and check out his great idea for a sim or a party. Just find the light bulbs in front of his store, right on the square.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Midnight Mania and Cheddar

Eeek... I know a couple of people missed out on the brand new Vent du Sud Midnight Mania board, so I've left it for today: find it inside the store (see the photo) and grab the great fountain. Today's target is just 15 people: I'm trying to be... er... realistic!

And to soften the blow a little in case you did miss it, I've put out a one-prim (well d'oh how many prims do you want a cushion to have) er, cushion with 7 colours (all plains, and why of course I forgot to click on another colour for the second photo), and 3 great poses.

You could furnish a whole room with these... and they're 1l each for today (even after the MM locks, until I get up tomorrow morning in France...!)

And what's Cheddar, you might ask? Apart from cheese?

Well, Cheddar is a guy from Finland who made the great fancy classy sexy .gif for my blog header. He has just started on SL but he's a great graphic artist and we've sort of adopted him at Vent du Sud: find details of his company on the wall of the small courtyard near the TP point, or just send an IM to Cheddar Admiral (and I've just figured out why there's a butterfly in his ad: Admiral. Go me).

Why would you want to do that?

Well, if you're a blogger, or want really stunning advertising for SL magazines - and you aren't an expert in that area, he'll help you. For great prices too.

Want more jaw-dropping photos of Alain Papp's carnival costumes and masks, or Rett's latest creation? I'll get back to fashion tomorrow, I hope.
So for now shoo. Get the fountain (and the cushion!) at Vent du Sud!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Midnight Mania meets Vent du Sud!

Vent du Sud finally acquired a Midnight Mania board... and we're launching it with a tiny, tiny target of 20 people for this 6-prim falling water sculpture.

So what are you waiting for?
It's in the Vent du Sud mainstore by the tp point .
We'll be adding new items regularly, and the subscribo members will always be the first to know, so... hit the board (we give away gifts regularly, and we don't spam!)
At Vent du Sud we love to build... so come and take advantage of our great giveaways (fashion, decor... all original creations).

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


February's coming fast: time for carnivals and of course Valentine's day. And we can't miss either at Vent du Sud!

So here's a taste of things to come (OK, they're already there - just pop over and take a look - I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the place). Our prices are always reasonable and we are all original creators (not to mention friends, which counts for a lot).

First up, see the costume above? Alain of AC Créations makes them, with stunning attention to detail (and that includes the masks sold separately). Believe me, these are unique. I could lose myself in adjectives when he pops in dressed in one to put something new in his store. Worth a look to start planning your own festivities. Find his place on the square, and let your jaw drop!

And Rett? Well, the picture says it all, no? Jaw-dropping in rather a different way. Find this cute outfit at her lovely airy store at Vent du Sud. There's an optional short, sheer skirt, too.

Rett (she who doesn't do sales) also told me that anyone who buys two outfits at Vent du Sud can contact her for a third one of your choice free for the next couple of weeks. So get to it quick!

Last word? Well... the 'fire' special is still going on (check out previous posts). Still great bargains and original, beautiful things but only for the next couple of weeks: we're already thinking ahead to the next theme we want to share!

Monday, 18 January 2010

Glad you liked them... and more great news

Fun, fun weekend at Vent du Sud (the flowerbox rezzday offer went down well!)

So... being nice, we are extending it another 24 hours (great wall art - put a little fresh air into your SL!). Prices from 5L to 25L, transfer - good gift! - and remember... plants without alpha clashes! Find them here.

But tomorrow... they go back to the normal prices, with some new ones to come.

As we're in a great mood, though, here's yet another great offer: a really pretty, rustic bench with a couples' pose and shadow for just 10L ALL WEEK. 5 prims, transfer. Find it not far from the flowers...!

Last but not least? Something really exciting: two great, fresh French designers have come to join Vent du Sud, so a huge welcome to Pearl and Ferri (Ashton and Lane), who are friends of ours and wanted to join us. Check out their cute store right here: they promise lots of specials to come.

Right now, though, take a look at their superb classic stilettos for just 120L, not to mention some very classy fashion. A real discovery, and that je ne sais quoi...

We're having such a great time at Vent du Sud. Drop in and say hi?

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Rezzday specials at last!

Yes, it's rezzday plus three. I know, I know. But my SL decided to refuse to take photographs unless it turned all my dialogue boxes transparent. Frustration... so better late than never.


I've now marked down ALL my 'flowerboxes' from around 129L to between 5 and 25L, today only. Find them here.
The leather one above also comes in bluee, and it looks great on walls (and no alpha clashes!). Check out others with flowing water, candles... I confess to being proud of them!

Great statement pieces, and so much more fun than just a pot of flowers. It includes some pretty, three-prim pillars for just 5L.

Another fireplace at 50% too... and so much more news and things to discover on and around the square at Vent du Sud.
One of them I want to announce in advance is the fact that it's fast approaching carnival time. And Alain Papp is a real genius with costumes, masks, fans... so go check out his store, right by the square (AP Créations).

Another is Menthal's latest stroke of genius. Great gadgets, lots of fun. Not saying more, but go see in front of his store... and laugh. For 10L... believe me it's worth it.

Posting in haste but do go check out the great things and great prices - all at Vent du Sud, of course!

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Rezz day...!

Hold tight... there are going to be two Vent du Sud posts today (unless some sort of major RL drama takes place). But it's my rezz day so... bear with me?

So... three years since I leafed through a Swiss magazine, saw an article on SL and downloaded it out of interest. Why? Well, we'd just decided to move countries (to France) so I wanted to take my mind off that for one thing, and my 'me time' needed a change. Mr RL was already champing at the bit to pack up my fabrics (I love quilting) and work was so hectic that writing (my other hobby) seemed like a lot of effort when I'd spent my day lining up words.

SL has been a fascinating journey, and I can honestly say that I've learned a lot: about people, about friendship, about using computer graphics to create instead of paints, fabrics, or even words. No, SL isn't perfect and neither am I (understatement). I've made mistakes and I'll make them again. I still have a whole lot to learn about building, but... I'm having fun doing it.

I'm also planning do so... something to celebrate. Not a party because a) I'm actually a bit of a loner and b) I don't want to look like I'm fishing for pats on the back (for surviving this long?).

My own little corner of SL, Vent du Sud, has brought me so much. Friends around, most of all: that's the best part. I travel for work and logging on to find 'my' bit of the virtual world and my friends is another great thing. The tier is at a level I can handle even if I don't sell much (although right now I desperately want more prims: not for selling space but to make the 'feel' of the place more as I want it). An SL millionnaire would come in really handy right now: a girl can dream, eh?

I'm off to work but in spare minutes, I need to decide what to do: depending on time it'll be something like making lots of things free for a few hours, or boxing some stuff and popping it in my subscribo (hint). I love putting things in there anyway.

The best 'gift' of all to me, though, is when people drop into Vent du Sud, and chat to us (we're often around), dance on the square or by the dock, spend a romantic moment in the lighthouse, go skating, fly a plane or zoom around in a go-kart, chill on the dock or by the pool / ice rink, take a pedalo, or see our latest building fun. Oh, or even shop ;)

So (cue violins) thanks to my friends, to SL, and hope the journey continues!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Pearls of light

I made this for a friend's rezzday (happy 3rd rezzday again, Pearl!). Check out the Sun's, a superb sim she owns with Farzam, dance on the square, and discover a really stunning French village with a friendly atmosphere.

My idea was to make Pearls of light - which of course can be turned on and off on touch.

Set in a bowl of gently flowing, crystal water, it's a great statement piece but offers you soft lighting too. Romantic and unusual, and a Vent du Sud special today.

Just 9 prims, which is deceptive for something so intricate. Transfer, so a great gift for someone.

Great for store decoration too: ask me and I'd be happy to make a custom version of it or a mod/copy version

And as it's the 13th... just 13L. Right by the subscribo, near the TP point.

... but only TODAY at Vent du Sud. Then it goes back to 129L!

Find it next to the subscribo (and have you checked out Rett's store and her subscribo, just across the square? A great free outfit, plus another freebie in the store.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Seeing double, and a new trio

First, huge thanks to the visitors to Vent du Sud who seem to be liking our fires (and I met my double yesterday, which was seriously weird... we've both made our own shapes but we were so alike, right down to hair colour, skins and clothes style, and roughly the same SL age).

So, today: another two items at 50%, one of which is this lovely traditional stone model by Menthal (only 50L!). Low-prim as always, great quality as always.

(And don't forget the free fire pillar in the subscribo just outside the Vent du Sud mainstore or Rett's 'flames' dress on offer!)

And now something different.

Can't get much simpler, but it's really all about the texturing. A simple, 3-prim low table in three types of beautifully shaded wood that takes it from basic to different and special.

A real classic, ideal for displaying anything from a coffee mug to a plant (or a great lamp from Vent du Sud, of course).

Two are copy/mod and a tiny 29L, and one (transfer only) is at just 1L - only today. Grab it quick at Vent du Sud!

Monday, 11 January 2010

The latest fashion accessory?

Now, doesn't everybody in SL need a blowtorch?

Well, if you like clever gadgets or fancy a change of, er, weapon, here's one you can wear or add to your decor (14 prims, 50L), or. It turns on and off, of course... and is one of Menthal Oh's fun additions to our great selection of fireplaces, accessories and fire pillars at Vent du Sud.

To the left is the cutest table decoration with three flames that he's selling for 10L - a real giveaway for such painstaking work (and yes I know I cut a bit of it off but maybe you should check it out as a whole?)

We're going to change the 50% off items any time now, so drop in and grab Menthal's monumental, central fireplace (low-prim and stunning) for just 100L while you can. You really have to see it (or check out my blog a couple of days ago for a pic).

And two more examples of Menthal's talent (among lots of others to be found at Vent du Sud? A two-prim campfire (see pic) that is an almost-freebie - and yes, just 2 prims.

Last but not least, a whole pile of superbly textured logs plus an axe... a superb addition to any rustic decor. It's mod/copy so I suppose you could take out the axe and... er... yeah.

Axes, blowtorches... maybe I'd better be really nice to Menthal in case his next creation is even more potentially dangerous!

Rett is still selling her spectacular red 'flames' dress at the special price of 250L too (again check out this blog two days ago), but grab it while you can. Just across the square from the tp.

Drop in, warm your toes, and shop for stunning, original creations (not just fires, of course): only at Vent du Sud!

Sunday, 10 January 2010


Short of space for a fire? Or have an empty corner? How about this from Vent du Sud? A really great corner fireplace with a difference.

The details: 9 prims, but for that you get a sliding etched glass door and flames on/off. And for just 129L (copy too)!
With the pretty mantel light as a dollarbie for today.
Want it in a different colour? Just ask me, Ariadne Korda and I'll make you a custom version to suit your decor. Same goes for all our fires and fireplaces.

See the log basket? Just 5L today at Vent du Sud and only two prims. To go with that new fireplace you've been promising yourself, of course... and don't forget the luscious fur rugs at low, low prices too!
And yet again, two great items at half price today from a host of really gorgeous fires, fire pillars and accessories. Go look!
Also, it's still snowing in the South of France. I would give rather a lot for a fireplace right now... plus a decent snow shovel.
That said, hopping back to Vent du Sud to see some virtual sunshine and olive trees without snow on them. Drop in and check out our other great decor and fashion.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Vent du Sud - more cosiness, more fires

Mmm, I could just do with one of these in RL right now!

But it's still nice and cosy here at Vent du Sud with all these great fires around.

Yesterday's specials will be changed sometime today - and this time you'll have to look around to see which they are (but remember, the prices are low anyway - normal price just 69L for this pillar, available in several metals or enamels).

They're mod/copy, the flame turns on and off, and they're a great accent piece (and they cast a soft, warm light when turned on).
Imagine a couple of them outside your front door, in your garden, or even as an alternative to a fireplace in a small apartment!

And, as promised, Rett Gentil is doing a special offer, and this is quite a dress. Think 'flames', think 'unusual', think heavy satin.
Sexy but classy is Rett's philosophy and you'll definitely set any dance floor on fire with this one.

Normally 350L, it's reduced to 250L this week. Get it right here at her store on the square!

Don't forget the really stunning fire accessories and luscious animal skins available too, all at tiny prices. Just thing for snuggling up. So drop into Vent du Sud today and choose a great new fire!
(And... um... 'hot' news: I think Menthal is going to reduce the price of his big, central fireplace sometime today. Check it out (see yesterday's blog) and admire the great lines and superb embers).

Friday, 8 January 2010

Vent du Sud on fire!

What better to do when it's cold and snowy than a nice warm fire, a rug... and getting cosy?

Since I've been sitting here watching the white stuff weigh down the palm trees (yes, even in southern France), Menthal Oh and I decided it was time for Vent du Sud to get busy on a whole new special theme, so we have joined forces to offer a host of fireplaces, firebowls, log baskets, fire tools, and luscious animal skins.

Lots of styles, lots of colours: from classical to modern to rustic to sleek designer models. A big, central feature or a corner fireplace to save space - the choice is yours.

These are really not just any fireplaces. We both love making them so I think the challenge of trying to outdo each other means we've come up with something really special. Up to you to judge!

Low-prim of course, although you'd never know it. And with a meticulous eye for detail (flames on/off on most, soft crackling, gentle lighting effects, sliding glass doors... check them out).

Permissions? Copy / mod. Great if you want to furnish a set of houses, or place a couple of fire pillars or baskets outside.

And the best part: Every day (or two) we'll be offering one item each at HALF PRICE. There are also a couple of freebies and nearly-freebies to be had as you wander around the whole new area, right on the Vent du Sud main square, beside the teleport point.

First up is this incredibly detailed hanging fire basket for 65L instead of 129, and the cute, rustic stove (on the right of the photo above) for 50L instead of 100L. But come grab them now as we'll be moving onto others sooner than you think. Find them easily thanks to the 50% off sign.

Last teaser... there's a small, transfer version of the blue fire pillar in my subscribo: hop over and click - it's a great way of discovering just how pretty these fires are.
(More fires at Menthal's store right next door, too, if these aren't enough for you!)

Watch out for the next specials over coming days (and tomorrow, a flame red dress on the 'fire' theme from Rett, which I suspect is already out and ready at her store, at a big discount)

You really need a new fireplace, don't you? Come and choose one that's perfect for you, and from Vent du Sud, of course!