Tuesday, 28 December 2010

52 weeks of colour, green (and good pears and dishonesty and building in lingerie)

OK, let's face it, I am one of those boring people on SL who usually tends to dress in rather predictable clothes and styles.

Sensible old Ari. Builds a bit, dances a bit, shops a bit. Protective of Vent du Sud and above all of real friends. A little gullible at times. A "bonne poire" or "good pear" as they say in French. Although why pears are a soft touch, je ne sais pas.

But they ARE... green!

I don't usually strip down to the frillies when I'm halfway through putting up a few extra walls and popping in some decor for someone, for instance (although at a guess, he wouldn't mind). 

Not quite the usual Ari, eh? But yes, there is another side to me. Boring and sensible as I may seem (mostly), there are times when I really lose my temper with people who are not what they seem.

So better get back to hauling prims before I ramble too much about not being  that gullible. Or quite such a soft touch when I find out just how much I've been taken for a ride.

Custom build, except I left off...

Yes, strange thoughtful post. There is a story behind it, but not something I want to blog about in any more detail.

Except to add that all is well with me and mine and with Vent du Sud. Just a little (OK a lot) irritated and no it has nothing to do with SL romance and everything to do with disliking dishonesty.

Back to the topic.  Green... yep yep. Custom houses or decor? Can be done. Just ask.  Oh and yes I did finish the build and the decor and got out of the lingerie, OK?

Although much as I love doing custom builds, no, I am not going to build for you in lingerie. Even beautiful green lingerie like this, which is Lilly from Insolence. 

And the more 'normal me? Surf Co Elsa boots, Decoy jeans, Oyakin top and lovely warm scarf from Tram.

Back to normal plugging of Vent du Sud next time, promise.And probably more normal clothing.


enkys said...

Can't think who you can be talking about!

Journey Lorakeet said...

Ariadne, Im shocked!

Who knew you were hiding a whole bucket of chicken under there? XD


I know, I know. I need to get back to making you glasses of champagne and rolled towels and whatever urgent need enters your bloggerish mind next LOL.

Luna Jubilee said...

lol this post is so awesome! <3