Monday, 20 December 2010

Choices (and what things are worth, and fatpacks, and a big fat chuckle and Cindy Crawford)

… er, can you just hold on while I stop chuckling?

There, better. 

Sorry.  Let's get on. Have a glass of mulled wine (here, 1L, gives glasses of hot wine)

See, a lady* who came to buy a couple of things at Vent du Sud the other day told me she'd come over because she'd heard my stuff was not worth more than 1L anyway, and  that other décor creators 'didn't approve of my approach'. 

I actually wondered if she was just stirring trouble but prefer to see the funny side of it.

 (pssst scroll down for another 1L wonder, and one EXCLUSIVE item *cough*). 

First, I am able to offer my stuff at 1L / 50L and I want to (while respecting that others can't or won't). 

I am, in fact, really enjoying the fact that this new approach of mine is really making me enjoy building.  I've met some really great people, too, which gives me the warm and fuzzies. 

The quality? Well,  it's not slapdash or clunky (well, I don't think so but hey, try something out and see for yourself). 

If it was I wouldn't be fiddling with  0.001 texture offsets or spending several hours finding exactly the textures I want, or pestering Geek for Yet Another Script and then tearing my hair because I'm too proud to admit I haven't figured out how to use it. 

(But hey, I do have windows in an upcoming build that change texture nicely together now on two faces only and even the right ones. Go me).

(and I can make snowflakes spring from my bauble platter on touch... get it here, 1L)

I admit all those hours of creating, of buying entire texture packs for ONE door, of sussing out prim faces (ctrl alt shift and T all at once, thanks Geek) will never pay off in terms of Lindens and even less in RL terms,  but this is not RL. This is, as I said before, my hobby. 

My choice.

I usually choose not to buy fatpacks (no, I am not going to use 'fatpack' as a verb because I am old and cranky). I am a frugal clothes shopper. I am never going to wear pink hair, or boots in gold or orange. 

But if a wider selection makes your SL a happy place, then go for it. Really.

(Nor, actually, am I going to become a furry, a Gorean slave, or fiddle with Very Expensive Shoes or Rather Expensive clothes from certain designers any more as I can NEVER make them look right on me *sigh*).

Very soon, though, I so am going to treat myself to some new Very Expensive High Boots and I can't make up my mind which colour so I might just have to, y'know, indulge myself. 

My one other fatpack ever was these, btw, and I love them, and no regrets at all (and I have worn every colour, often).

Again, my choice. (Oh, and armchair with poses. 1L, here).

Bootgasm. J's ankle boots. Wonderful.

 Sometimes it's worth spending a whole lot on something you really want, couldn't agree more. (But, um,  anybody know of some really cheap but totally gorgeous knee-high boots for miserly old moi?

Basically, though, what something is worth is what it is worth to you.  

And  I really do want those boots and I don't care if half the grid are wearing them.

(can you hold on while I do a Cindy Crawford pout and say 'because I'm worth it'?)


Anyway, while I'm at it, and speaking of half the grid wearing them,  let's rant a bit about 'exclusive' .
Sure there is a market for it, sure I can understand having a special colour or style.  Sure the exclusive version may be nicer than the 'not-exclusive' one. 

But (frugal again) I would rarely if ever pay way over the 'normal' price for something on SL – or RL for that matter – just because only a few examples exist

 I might buy it because I fall in love with it, or if it's for a good cause, but I am not going get my kicks from knowing I won't find more than a few other people having the same thing.

But if that floats your boat, then I respect your choice. 

See this photo? That's my mate Agade. I just LOVE that hair but am way too much of a wimp to wear it. Wasabi Pill, she says. Her choice. Isn't it wonderful?

and last... one of those flowerboxes I loved making but that never sold... LOL... but with a wintry twist

. Totally exclusive to those who buy it here for 1L here  in the next 24 hours then it's gone. Because I can LOL. 

Do feel free to drop in to Vent du Sud any time.  Ask me to do something in your choice of colours, or just come and say hi. 

*No, not quoting names, and nor did I push for more information.  I sat on my hands for a bit, and then, er, chuckled.  Also, she bought half the store.


Journey Lorakeet said...

Very saucy look, I think you would make a great gorean slave.


Watch it you or the next time you want cushions in a hurry I shall insist you pay me by doing a blog post dressed in... very little.

Hehehehehe. Yep yep, Journey in a camisk. We need Journey in a camisk, no?

Nissa Nightfire said...

you rock :)


I am having a blast... and thank you ;)