Saturday, 4 December 2010


Not content with making smoke emitters and bubbles and foam and fairy lights and what have you that ooze all over the Vent du Sud main square (why do people never turn them OFF?) Menthal Oh has recently come up with this.

Mind, before it was finished there was much testing, together with script genius Geek Back. 
Bottles flew, exploded, flew around... guns were brandished, until it all worked beautifully. Even better, the broken glass clears itself up, or we'd have been knee deep in it by now.

What is it? Well, you click to line up the bottles and then shoot 'em (with the pistol kindly provided).
No, it is not free, but it's a fun item for any sim where, y'know, people wave pistols around. Have yourself a champagne shooting party (I'll just loiter and drink it, thanks). 

And if you don't want to waste the bubbly, then you can shoot balloons instead (below, me watching them bounce around and showing off the new leather pants from The Abyss and oh boy they are gorgeous).

So come shoot some bottles?

Me being mean, I suggested a row of cute little Santas in place of the champagne but think of the bloodshed on the square.

But I did suggest snowmen... and Mental was last seen muttering about a snow cannon.

For now, though drop in and try out it at Vent du Sud while picking up some of our remarkable 1L decor and fabulous 50L builds.

You may also, of course, spread bubbles and foam and smoke all over the square but please hit the big red OFF button before you leave? Heh.

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