Sunday, 5 December 2010

Intrepid explorer - 52 weeks of colour (sepia)

Hello. I am one of those fruity ladies from last century who hacks their way through jungles to find hidden civilisations  All dressed up in khaki (OK in this case sepia), striding along followed by people carrying my tent, the rest of my wardrobe, and a case of fine wine.

Mind, it gets a little hot and tiring at times. 
Night is falling. Should I pitch my tent? 
VERY finely crafted indeed and only 50L (come see it at Vent du Sud)
Bring on the camp bed, dear people while I  relax a little and admire (and make sure the ladder's stowed away tonight, don't want lions in here).

There, wonderful. Let's sit on the deck and watch the sunset. Where's that wine?

Hurry to Vent du Sud to get the tree house at 50L and play with the shutters, the ladders, etc etc (bring your own wine).
Admire the home made pith helmet, adapted from a helmet in the inventory library (a little clunky but yell if you want one)
And also, GField bow shirt, PixelDolls Leonidas jacket, and Shiny Things pouch belt.

More sepia decor goodness to come but I got a little carried away with the pith helmet so maybe tomorrow. But plenty of other finely crafted 1L decor at Vent du Sud. Always.


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Luna Jubilee said...

haha I love it "fruity women" <3