Thursday, 23 December 2010

Cerise sur le gateau and very short skirts - 52 weeks of colour

*(Cerise sur le gateau  = icing on the cherry (roughly))

I was all built out this morning, and moping in front of the Vent du Sud French stove, when I had an idea... that seemed more appealing than writing the notecard for the stove, but I did slip a cerise colour option into the bar stool.

French stove coming soon, barstool here
It was time to GO OUT.

Does my hair look OK?

Yes, this skirt IS a bit short but...

Nothing a carefully placed handlebar can't hide.

Gosh look the bar stools again. Lots of colours and poses, right here
 Or a carefully placed foot, for that matter.

Oooh look Agade's here!

Yes of course I know how to drive it. Well... sort of.


Ah, and Menthal's finished the boat! Of course I  know how to drive that, too.

Well, not showing the picture where I drove it into the lighthouse. So there.
Now all I need is sunset and a dance. That really would be the icing on the cherry, eh? (And no, no, I know Menthal is spoken for...).

More about the boat (it's great) in a post coming soon, but in the meantime don't forget to pick up the 1L bar stool on the Vent du Sud main square, under the parasol, (colour change, poses... read the notecard pretty please?)

Other credits: Scooter former freebie from MC19 in pink (cerise pink), T-shirt COco (tinted), jacket Aoharu, sneakers Jada Humby (free), socks MIS (gone, sadly) and VERY short skirt from Sascha Frangilli.  And the stove and stone farmhouse are upcoming releases from, of course, Vent du Sud...

...Where our skirts are short but our prices are just as mini!

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Luna Jubilee said...

I love my scooter too! Great job <3