Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Last minute panic and what colour Christmas are you?

OK so in the next two days I have to finish a massive RL job, put up decorations, shop, cook, and then (preferably) ... sleep a lot.

On SL, I need to  finish a big build, find something in cerise, and... hell no, I feel like shopping and socialising when I get online. Also good.

Before I launch myself into a couple of days of frantic activity please do help yourselves to the Vent du Sud 1L hammocks with, y'know, those animations (I forgot to take a photo of the blue and silver one, sorry) and other Christmas goodness for the same price.See previous posts for pics.

Or  offer yourself a new abode (check out our winter cabins, lighthouses, tower or tree house on a quick fly around the sim - all 50L).

If... if I get time, the new big build will be out but right now it seems unlikely. But do join the subscribo  for news.

Until then, whether you are the blue and silver sort...

... or the green and gold sort, enjoy the last-minute preparations in both RL and SL.

And most of all, ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS.

Vent du Sud says a huge thanks to all those who have visited this year and looks forward to seeing you again in 2011.

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