Friday, 24 December 2010

Free, cheap, gifts, stove, rant.

Overheard someone on a chat the other day saying that she was getting too many notecards from a group with offers and gifts and freebies and was 'bored with it'.

Eh what? My suggestion would be: leave the group, or just discard a few or... oh, for heaven's SAKE.

Anyway, stoves. I love them.  And I was making one while this was going on.

See this? I have it in RL. It's lovely. It's new.

 Then there was somebody else who 'didn't even have time to open all the freebie boxes'.

Poor darling. I closed the chat window.

So I made an SL version of it, for 1L.
(The stove in RL was a 'Christmas gift' that Mr RL and I bought for ourselves because... we fell in love with it and given the French electricity system's reliability.... *cough*)
And then yesterday, an item was advertised as a gift (something that would normally, I think, be worth anything from 350 to over 1000L) and it turned out it was going for 50L.

NOWHERE in the notecard did it mention 0L. The writer was not English mother tongue, so 'gift' was probably not a good choice of words, no. I agree with that.


Goes against a wall or in the centre of a room with open back - see notecard in it

Instant outcry. People felt robbed. People felt gifts should be free (well... yes I tend to agree there but then something at a fraction of its normal price is already something of a generous offer, no?).

Did the people who complained and criticised contact the maker of it, to see if it was an accident? Apparently not.  Much easier to make an issue of it and garner sympathy from fellow freebie hunters.

Logs too. Flames on and off, etc etc. 16 prims
'Free' sometimes seems to be about collecting, amassing, piling up as an end to itself, but it's a choice, so fine. I respect that choice.

And I admit that I am the first to snap up some great freebies too, just... not all the time.

Dollarbies, of course, are not free, as somebody on the same chat saw fit to point out so. So maybe I won't see them at Vent du Sud.

Fine also. I respect that too.

But no, I am not going to give my stuff free.   

Offering all my things at 1L to me is a TOKEN I ask for in return for my efforts and time to build stuff, and in terms of money it is... small. It seems to be making quite a few people happy, however, which is great.

French stove. 1L at Vent du Sud. Copy.

Please feel free to pick this up if you can spare one Linden... it is part of a new series inspired by things I see and love in the part of the world I live in. And I'm having lots of fun with it.

PS: It includes a build (for 50L) that I think I have finished. And if anyone is interested in looking, it is here. Also, the first 3 people to ask for one (IM to Ariadne Korda, please), I will send it to them... FREE. (And no, this is not a hint to blog about it but feedback would be nice).

Heh, so I do 'do' free now and then. And tend to give things away when I see people on the sim. My choice ;)

I am away for 24 hours as of a couple of hours' time, but I will get back to you.

(Ermmm having been inspired by the masterpieces by a French maker of stoves, vaguely wondering if I should credit them. France Turbo. Thank you France Turbo for helping Vent du Sud's owner to keep warm in this dreadful winter). 

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Chic Aeon said...

Love the stove, in RL and SL :D. Thank you. Will get by to buy soon :D in hopes that I can use it sometime in the future.

Happy holidays.