Sunday, 12 December 2010

Vent du Sud - warming toes and a taste of further south

Old beads. I make curtain ties from them in RL.
Grey, cold Sunday in RL, so I fiddled with some photos from Marrakesh... there's a series of 8 of these, framed and TRANSFERABLE up inside the Vent du Sud Winter Cabin 
(yep, it's still on sale for 50L)

Price per picture? Need you ask? 1L each. And not only do they have a luxurious wood frame (see below), the owner can resize them and also decide if they want full bright or not.

Isn't he great?
Tassels. My cats eat them...
Hope you like them. Good memories of sunshine and blue skies.

Wish I was there right now, but at least I'm toasting in front of the Vent du Sud stove (yes, also 1L, copy) and thinking of mint tea (OK and a glass of rosé). Find that in the cabin with the pictures.

Drop in and see them at Vent du Sud and keep your feet warm too?
Yep, the RL one is going strong too. Brrrr...

PS: no, still not taken the Abyss leather pants off yet because they are that good. If a little warm!
PPS: Vent du Sud means wind from the south... the warm, balmy one not this icy cold mistral blowing in RL. Bah!

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