Friday, 31 December 2010

Sailing into 2011, grab a dinghy, gifts, and rather too many links

If you feel like a quiet (romantic) break from parties and champagne and New Year celebrations... here's an idea.

I've blogged about R0bin Helsinki's fabulous Sea Fever exhibition before (here), which is why we are cheerfully sailing through a photograph in the photo... but since then we've added a few touches.  Such as this superb (free) boat ride.

... plus some seabirds and fish and a dolphin who escaped... and which if you look closely, is posing as a killer whale about to attack Menthal (over by the Vent du Sud rustic lighthouse *cough plug 50L*).

Back to the boat, though. Menthal Oh made the dinghy specially for Vent du Sud (thank youuuu). Rezz one HERE and go zipping along the rivers and the whole island (mind your head under the bridges).

The drawbridge near the BIG lighthouse (*cough plug also 50L*) raises to let you through - just click (admiring my buildery genius as you do so and buying it (mod copy) for 1L if the fancy takes you).
Drawbridge. Favourite Argrace hair 'modern rail

This is NOT a normal dinghy. It's sleek and sophisticated, has spray and a wake and can seat up to four people. Great build, as always. 

You can BUY the boat by the rezzer too, without the Vent du Sud flag, don't worry. Or contact Menthal when he gets back after the weekend for a personalised version, or even a rezzer for your land.

And finally (*cough again*) I will probably be blogging again later today since I have some cute gifts for my subscribo people, which will only be in there for 24 hours.

And why yes this post has way too many links so see below if you are totally confused.

Off to rescue a dolphin...

Link reminders (or just fly around!):
- Vent du Sud boat rezzer / purchase and rustic lighthouse here
- Art café entrance here (also Menthal's latest gizmos on the square)
- Subscribo and Vent du Sud main store here
- Big lighthouse here

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