Thursday, 30 December 2010

The joy of sales, announcement, back to boring and useful tip

Much as I dislike December, I like New Year (although not sure why those across the pond call it New Years - but let's not get into grammar).

I mean, there are sales to start with.

All at 1L at Vent du Sud, sales or not.
But how do you do sales when you sell stuff at 1L, I wonder?  Except to make it free. But for those who are following my blog, I still haven't bought those boots, perhaps in the vain hope the fatpack will magically be reduced.

So no, not free. But nearly.

I am, however, going to continue the Vent du Sud policy of 1L for decor and 50L for builds in 2011. It was a good decision. And yes, even the new stuff.

What I did buy is some nice new textures and other goodies, despite the marketplace taking about 6 hours to deliver them (and some not at all). Bah. Read on for more news, then, brave people.

Pretty little things for 1L.
I need to clear out a few things to make room for some new, and also to put out a biggish build and generally do all the New Year sorting out and ideally moving some walls around.

So I shall be removing a few things. And sorry not sure what but some of the plumgasm line and pastel stuff soonish (I have this urge for bright, zingy colours).

Pretty BIGGER things for 1L

The patio stuff may stay but again I have this urge for strong, bright colours so it's due for a revamp and new poses and textures. Ah, resolutions. I have a whole LOT of builds on the go.

The patio set, due for a new colour scheme, but 1L an item

So the other point of this post is... come pick stuff up now...!  And while you're there hit the subscribo for news of the new build and other additions.

Pretty dress, disappearing prims.

Frugal old me DID buy something in the clothing line however. Back to boring old me I suppose and I really should have bought something other than grey. But gorgeous, gorgeous Fairy Dress from Gumi's Bad Box that floats and swirls and makes me feel all girly.Three lengths too. LOTS of colours available. Why didn't I buy red? WHY?

If you stayed with this post long enough to get here (have a cookie), here is a USEFUL TIP. Like other people, I am suddenly seeing bits of my jewellery and tiny prims disappearing, like the buttons on these gorgeous Camilla shoes (Baiastice, want the fatpack, can't afford it). But you can make them come back! Yes! Just click on edit and hey presto, they all appear again. For a while so you can at least take photos. And yes, I forgot for the photo. Go me.

Oh and pssst... the Vent du Sud Tower (direct link here, or just fly around) is also about to disappear indefinitely. Pick it up for 50L here TODAY (or tomorrow if I get all behind, but you get the idea).

Rambled enough. Going now.

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