Tuesday, 14 December 2010

In which I turn my focus from my own navel

Vent du Sud isn't just me, it's also a bunch of friends and fellow creators.

So today a quick look at Menthal Oh and his latest, superb... gadgets? Masterpieces?
Doesn't everybody need a snowball bazooka?

My PC appears to have eaten the one showing it shooting  HUGE SNOWBALLS.  Incredibly detailed with blinking lights. And speaking of lights...

Everybody DOES need one of these, right? (I do mean the sunbed)

The tanning bed has lights and poses... and yes I did mutter yesterday about one of those tanning beds for, er, more than one person.

Find both on the Vent du Sud square. 

And, of course there is Ms 'I don't do sales, Ari', our own Rett Gentil.

Who HAS put her heavy satin Christmas dress out at her Vent du Sud store with a massive 25% off this week only (and here only). Rett has had a few health issues but is up and running and is her old self again (only a WEEK, Ari...).

Coming up also, Gefi the builder and R0bin Helsinki's stunning new photo exhibition (which is in place already but we're working on dates for an opening party). It's unusual. Go see at the Art Café but more on it later.

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