Thursday, 9 December 2010

Vent du Sud does trees (and lots of other things in the pipeline)

Trees NOW for 1L. The hammock? Very soon. Join the subscribo for news here
I really wanted some more trees at Vent du Sud. And despite having, um (counts on fingers) 2 very big and half a dozen smaller building projects on the go, I wandered off and made some sculpt ones (3 prims per bush, 5 for the big tree).

They are called 'Graceful' because a) they are and b) the sim is called Graces, and there are three bushes and one tree, all at 1L and all copiable.

Cabins are copy, gorgeous and 50L only, here
The hammock... nearly finished too but I decided I needed other colours so that's in the pipeline for any time soon. If you join the subscribo outside the Vent du Sud mainstore (hint) you will hear about the new things AND get gifts.

Find the trees near the 50L Winter Cabins (not forgetting the 50L lighthouses  - 3 of them on the sim).

PS and EEK apparently I forgot to put the big tree on sale yesterday when sending a note via the subscribo. There now!

Great props for photos too btw. Particularly for those who take better ones than I do. Hair by Slink, sweater Fishy Strawberry cashmere and Coco slimfit jeans (tinted).

Off to build... but come get the trees, OK?

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